Guy from work

They get this f****** gym teacher from the 80's, to put on these goofy f****** sunglasses that he got from out of a cereal box and tell him "oh you know what would be cool, if you punched the title and the title broke, oh that's so f****** clever". It does not make any sense, is he punching the title so hard that its ripping the skin off his hand and you can see the skeleton under his hand? its f****** ridiculous or is it meant to be a machine hand? It does not make any sense anyway what the f*** is wrong with his thumb? did he stick a penny inside of his thumb and the skin just grew over it? it does make any sense! you look at him and you can tell his guy just stinks, he just looks like one of those guys that's going to sit next to you on the bus or something and he's going to f****** stick and your going to have f****** move, its like your sitting next to this guy the skins coming off his hand, and it looks like he's got a penny in his thumb, his got these big yellow sunglasses on and he smells, Its like dude get the f*** away from me. How his he meant to look bad ass? he does not make any f****** sense and its like he screaming into an invisible mic like to because he's such a bad-ass. F*** this guy.

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  • Hack admin –>

  • Impotence: Nature's Way Of Saying "No Hard Feelings".

  • I am as soo damn h****. I sure could use a man right now to take care of my womanly needs. Hmmm.

  • Who you think you are?

  • Why'd you do me that way?

  • I should've known it wasn't going to work out between my ex-wife and me. After all, I'm a Libra and she's a b****.

  • Any libtards here?

  • Cindy Flowers if you are reading this, will you marry me?

  • Why you gotta be so bad?

  • You f**king a**holes are ruining Confessipnpost. Post your crude fake s*** somewhere else!


  • Go on. Add some variety to your s** life...use the other hand.

  • WHAT!?

  • What's the ultimate in rejection?
    When you're masturbating and your hand falls asleep.


  • If you are anywhere near Iowa, I'll do it for free along with shoving a complimentary corn cob up your ass. Love, Jen

  • I know this is going to sound like I am a loony, but the only person I trust is my blow up doll. - Just me again, Meow

  • "I m a******.i m dark s***.I m fool.i m psycho.I m mad.I m confused.I m dumb."

    - The Spelling Police Person

  • Yes you are. But, quite frankly, you are selling yourself short. You are way more screwed up than that. Meow Meow Meow

  • I want to be spanked like a baby. Signed Meow.

  • Why am I not surprised? That's what you need!


  • You must have been porked by the 80s guy.

  • When my father-in-law stayed with us, I peeked in his room and saw him naked. I couldn't believe his d*** was bigger than mine. He looked hot though.

  • I sure wish I had a guy here to give me a hot sexy massage right now. I am h****, wet and naked as I sit at my computer with no man to massage me and take care of my needs.

  • I am super hot, and many people say I have an awesome ass. I'm in a relationship right now, otherwise I'd love to send you a hot pic of me that would blow your mind endlessly.



  • Meow's paw prints are all over these posts. And the smell of cat p*** lingers in the air. Meow = Hot Naked Chick & Big Ass Steven

  • I'm considered very hot by many men and I would date this guy. He sounds mysterious and different from all the ho hum guys I meet. That gets my attention.

  • I like the 80s guy. He has character, and he probably yells into the invisible mike for comic relief. I'd love to see him smash tiles with his bare hands. I like my men a little macho. Honestly, he sounds cool. I'd even like those sexy yellow shades he wears. I would. Yellow is my fav color.

  • My, my, my. What an extraordinary coincidence that this person's writing is the same as the OP. Could this be one of the nefarious MEOW's many masquerades? -The Writing Vigilantes

  • I think the person who made this confession is whacked and has a secret man crush on the 80s guy and wants to get in his pants.

  • I was thinking the same thing. He's unnaturally obsessed with the 80s guy. I wouldn't be surprised if they got it on within a month.

  • Love is in the Air la la la la. xo

  • I would love to press your belly. Where do you live?

  • I'll lick your ass if you want ;)

  • At the risk of sounding uncool, I listen to 80s music. But, I don't wear yellow sunglasses or scream into invisible mikes. Is that okay?

  • Self sucking his hot and easy and fun , why did I wait so long to try it?

  • My first husband and I tried this early in our marriage but he got too insane with his jealousy and spoiled all my fun so I dumped his sorry ass. In order for a husband to honestly allow his wife this freedom he has to be a real man. Obviously you are one. Good luck!

  • That makes no damn sense. You probably wear yellow sunglasses and scream into invisible mikes too.

  • Message to the 80s guy from work who screams into the invisible mike: Save your breath. You'll need it to blow up your date!

  • Tell me where this fake macho male p**** works and I'll kick him in the b**** ... OLD SCHOOL!

  • Wasn't there an old song about him called "Pretty Fly For An 80s Guy"?

  • Don't p*** him off. His hands got f***** up from roids. He might go off like a berserker from all those steroids. He probably fried his brain on that s*** and related peds. Only other person I heard of with hands like that is Frankenstein, and you didn't want to p*** him off either. If he has a Herman Munster shaped head and b**** as small as marbles, it's roids for sure. Maybe he's a babe on roids pretending to be a dude. You sure he's got a d***?

  • He probably can't even do a push up and he's supposed to be a gym teacher.

  • Here's a tip. Next time that guy starts talking that bullshit macho crap about punching tiles and s*** say this to him: "Ooooooo, you are right up there with Dangermouse!" I don't know who originally wrote that on this site, but he's a genius of comedy. Say that to that 80s yellow sunglasses wearing dufus and he'll crumble like a p****.

  • Who gets sunglasses out of a cereal box? Is this freakin' 80s bozo a kid in a man's body? wtf?

  • There's nothing like kicking a man in the b****. Seeing him wince and whine like a crybaby is so beautiful and at that moment it's the only time in his life one of those lying p***** is honest. And I love making men honest over and over again.

  • Just curious. Did this guy ever say anything about writing MEOW hundreds of times on Confession sites?

  • Punching tile ain't s***. Real men punch bricks.

  • Just be you. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of women out there who wouldn't mind having a boyfriend who could look good in women's clothes. S*** I want a boyfriend like that, I guess it helps that I'm bi, but just as I'm sure you'll find that girl I'm sure I'll find that guy for me.

  • Clearly you are addressing the 80s guy in the goofy yellow sunglasses. But, with his fashion sense he probably wouldn't look too hot in womens clothes, unless a woman liked guys in outdated 80s dresses. Sorry to disappoint.

  • I don't even know this guy and he p***** me off.

  • He sounds like he's an alien disguised as a human. For some inexplicable reason, aliens like goofy yellow sunglasses. They always stink too. You should try putting on a tinfoil hat when he's around. If he vanishes when you put the hat on, he's an alien for sure. The skin coming off his hand is another indicator. Seriously, be very careful around this otherworldly entity. Believe me, you don't want an alien a*** probe. They hurt like h*** and you can't s*** for a week afterwards.

  • It's a good thing my friends don't know him. They would kick his ass.

  • Ooooooo, your friends are so Gangster.

  • It wouldn't surprise me if he was that annoying Meow who posts here. Meow stinks too and probably wears yellow sunglasses.

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