College freedom

So when I started college I wanted to be out on my own but couldn't afford to live on campus. I was a member of a couple yahoo groups. One guy messaged me saying he knew me but wasn't sure if I knew him. We decided to meet. He was much older than I was. He was probably my parents age.

We talked about this and that. We talked about me starting college and not being able to afford an apartment or live on campus. He offered to let me stay with him. It would be rent free and he would give me money for books each semester. I could also get a part time job and save all of it. What a deal?! So what is the catch?"

I told him I was interested but wanted to see the room I would stay in. It was a huge bedroom with a huge bathroom attached. I said, "If this is mine, what does yours look like?" He said, "Exactly like this one." I said, "Wow! Two huge bedrooms?" He said, "Nope. We would share a bed." I said, "Oh. You mean like have s**?" He said, "Yep. It's a win/win. I help you with college and we get to have some fun at night." I said, "I've never slept with another man before." He said, "You've had your c*** sucked tho right? Well, just try it and see if you like it." I said, "Fair enough. I assume nobody would know?" He said, "I don't mind keeping things quiet. Only tell what you want to tell."

He was a very h**** man. Slowly I started to get used to the idea of having gay s**. I had experimented in junior high and didn't mind it. 4 years of college and I was almost completely gay. Still like looking at t*** and ass, but Rick and I had s** damn near every night I stayed with him

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