I'm a cheating wife

The longest I've ever been faithful to my husband is 3 weeks. I started being with black men when I was in college, where I also met my husband, and I really do not want to give them up. I was married a month after college graduation, but even on my wedding day I had s** with 3 black men I knew in college. On our honeymoon, the day after our wedding night, while my husband was in the shower, I even gave a black bellboy a bj for his tip when he brought our breakfast to our room. There is nothing I will not do for a black man, all he has to do is tell me, and I'll do it.

We've been married now for 2 years and I'm afraid to tell my husband what I do while he's at work.

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  • There's nothing you won't do for a black man but let them be in the light in your life, eh? Just dirty secrets for you, how trashy. I hope your husband finds out, you lowlife garbage.

  • You're going to get a disease. Karma will reign down with great vengeance and furious anger. Wether that disease be herpes, warts, clap, a fatherless negro baby, etc. makes no matter. People like you have destroyed the institution of marriage. I guess someones gotta do it lol.

  • I am addicted to black as well. Im 40 and a white wife. every time a see a good looking black man of any age I get those butterfly's in my tummy. I have slept with my share as well and loved everyone of them, especially the young ones who are having their first white experience. Several blacks have told me that it is a mission in life for a black man to have a white wife for s** at least once. My mission is to have as many as I want.

  • White people that like blackmen to have s** with the women do it because of the naughtieness of it. The fact that they have slighty bigger c**** makes it that much hotter. As long as the black men know they have a power to attract white women they will use it. Some of the white men get of on the idea that their women submit to "nasty" black men knowing they are going to treat them like whores. That's what gets them off. Everyone has their place in the game. The women is the real one that has the power, nothing happens if she doesn't go along with it. Men like me enjoy their wives being used by black men that can degrade them and they love it. For many years blacks were degraded and treated like trash now they are getting their chance and it is hot to see her learn to love it.

  • I am one of those women who loves to have s** with other men, mostly black. We have been married 30 years, swinging for 18 years, and after a bit started to see other men alone. I was in a long term relationship with a black guy that was wonderful. We would meet during the week at his place for s**. After we were seeing each other for a while he started to have a friend or two over for me to have fun with. I stayed the afternoon having great s**, the would go home. My husband knew of most of my encounters. There was one day when my friend tookk me to his club and showed me off as his white married friend. It was very hot.
    My marriage remained strong, my husband and I continued to swing with others and still do. We occasionally will swap with a black couple which brings back thoughts of my lover. Woudl I have changed anything? Never!!! I loved it.

  • I am married to a white woman but like black women on the side. Something about them I love. Best head a white guy will ever get...

  • OMG i love cheating wives......and i have f***** a lot of them in my life and i'm still f****** a lot of them.

  • I'm a cheating wife, too, but I never went black yet. Mostly it's fear of the unknown, but also partly just fear of picking the wrong one and finding out he's ganged up or something scary or dangerous like that. Any suggestions for how and where to pick good black partners?

  • Hit me up at hungFunBuddy on G M A I L

  • White women who sleep with black men have no self-respect and no self-esteem. And they should never marry.

  • S-K-A-N-K. Your husband doesn't deserve this treatment.

  • It's obvious that your husband isn't enough man for you, or at least isn't capable of taking care of your needs, so you are within your rights to find that satisfaction elsewhere. I admire your determination and the strength of your will. Please don't ever stop.

  • I agree with this comment completely. Some women aren't capable of handling adultery, while some are built for it, and they just have to have it. My wife is among the latter group, and I knew that long before we married. We had s** on the first date, obviously at her initiation, and she told me then "Don't expect me to be faithful: I'm going to keep f****** other people." She told me again once we started dating regularly, and then again when I asked her to marry me. We both spoke the usual vows of fidelity at our wedding, though she reminded me (privately) that she didn't mean a word of it. I know she loves me, so I know you love your husband too. I have been completely faithful to my wife from the time we began dating, even though I know she enjoys the company of other men from time to time: some older, some younger, some black, some white. You remind me of her when you say that you can't give up the other men you see on the side. I don't blame my wife, and I don't blame you. Women's bodies and hearts dictate their urges, and they can't deny them. Good luck to you in all your many relationships!

  • Hot DAMN!

  • nastyass b****

  • Seems like she is f****** black men like they are a instrument for her likely only and not people with feelings. Nothings has changed another white person using black men for their own gratification. There is no love in her story not even for her husband. One can't just f*** over people and not feel the consequences and life will f*** her back.

  • Every word of the comment above is absolutely true.

  • Ignore the negativity: what you're doing is beautiful. I wish I was your husband. Seriously, I would love to be your man and know that you were out finding love and satisfaction in all these different places. I think you're wonderful. Thank you for sharing these glimpses of your life with us.

  • Why be married then, you dumb w****? Your post the most retarded thing I've read in long time.

  • ^^Ditto^^

  • please tell more about your outside relationships and how your able to have so many

  • Your wedding day??!? And your honeymoon??!? Wow! You are one extremely hot piece!! S***!!

  • You sound sexy........

  • your not a cheating wife your a skanky w****

  • i agree with this woman^^. totally. stop f****** all those black men!!!


  • Don't tell him: he doesn't need to know. I can't tell how long you've been married, but it would seem to be awhile, so apparently you have the skills necessary to carry on distinct relationships and to do that very discreetly. And it's perfectly obvious that you are one of those women who don't cheat because they like it or they find it fun: you do it because you HAVE to do it. You need the additional attention, and romance, and heat. And the additional love. You need them like you need oxygen, and food, and water. You carry on multiple relationships because you need them: one man will never be able to satisfy you sexually or emotionally or intellectually or as a peer (and my guess is that you've known this about yourself ever since you became sexual). There aren't many women in the world who CAN'T be satisfied by one man, but you are clearly one of them. If your husband discovers your involvements and can't hang in, you're going to have to cut him loose . . . and go find someone who can. You aren't making choices, you're simply responding to your own nature. And, may I say, it's a beautiful and wonderful nature. Best wishes to you.

  • Most women sleep with black men because they have big d***'s
    and are afraid to tell there husbands that he isn't big enough or he just isn't satisfying you in bed be honest you never would have a cheated in the 1st place if he was making you happy in bed
    if you want to save your relationship stop cheating & buy one of the many kama sutra video's or some p**** enlargement pills & make your love life better. but if he is just an ass leave him or if he is never home tell him to make time for you 2 to be together or you are leaving him if you don't speak up it is your fault not his & your pain is your own doing because nothing can be known or fixed if you don't speak up

  • I made the mistake of not making love with a black man before I got married. Then, after 18 years of marriage, I tried one out, and he became the love of my life and the love of my s** life. I've stayed with my husband, for the kids mostly, but also because I love him, but he has never satisfied me the way my bull does. I won't speak up, because doing that won't make my husband a better lover, or make his d*** as big as my bull. This girl knows what she's doing, and speaking up is not going to help: she doesn't need help, she just needs more of that black c***! My bull loves me and I love him!

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