I love/hate my kid and barely talk to my wife!

I have a 3 year old son, he never leaves me alone. I haven't so much as taken a s*** alone since he could walk. Every day I wonder if I should just leave but I can't abandon him, in the short term I'd be happier but I know I'll regret it. He lives for his Daddy, always has done, but I can never have just a moments peace. If I go on a night out or away for the weekend he refuses to do anything, he'll scream and cry and ruin the house. Yet somehow I love him and can't bare the thought of anything bad happening to him.

My wife and I barely speak anymore and I don't love her, we don't argue, or shout or get angry, we just don't do anything. I think about having affairs or getting a divorce but that would mean abandoning her with a child she can't deal with. She admitted when my son was 1 that she came off birth control to get pregnant without talking with me and I've not felt the same way since.

I'm 32 and it really feels like my life is gone. I can't take risks, I can't meet someone new to fall in love with and I can't do anything about my situation without feeling guilty for the rest of my life.


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  • So the "But you'll love it when it gets here!" bingo didn't work? Especially after being oopsed by your manipulative wife who now can't deal with the child she apparently "needed" so badly? I am sorry for you, amigo. You're being too nice. Dump the sow and leave the crotch goblin with her. She can sink or swim, since apparently she once had the same attitude toward you!

  • Or take the kid and dump her sneaky ass-- anyone who plays you on that kind of a scale can't be trusted. At least you're handling it fairly well, compared to guys who are like "I never wanted to be a dad-- byeeee"

    Yeah, kids are needy and messy and destructive. And your son has chosen YOU and you fortunately don't seem TOO bothered about that. Cut out the broodmare-- let her go oops somebody else, I guarantee she's hankering for a fresh new baby by now-- and go be an okay dad.

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