Fallen Mother

I'm a 40 year old mother with a 17 year old daughter in high school. I've been having s** with my daughter's boyfriend almost daily for the past three-months and have no intention of stopping. I know it's stupid and disrespectful of me, I know we will eventually get caught if only by my daughter, and I know that this can ruin my marriage but I just don't care.

He's a 17-year old, hard bodied young man with an absolutely beautiful 8" c*** and the chiseled GQ body and face every woman wishes she had in her bed. Every day when my daughter leaves for work he stops by and takes me. There's very little talk until after the first round, just yesterday he walked in, dropped his clothes in the entry hall and had me up against the wall. It was amazing to feel him lift me up, press me against the wall, and slide his hard length inside me - all with no effort. He was fast and hard, giving me only one o***** before he emptied himself inside me, but that was just the first time for the afternoon.

After that, we went to my bedroom - my marriage bed, the bed I've shared faithfully with my husband for 18years now, and he lay there, smirking as I sucked him hard. This is something I have never done for any other man, would never even consider doing for my husband, and yet I willingly go down on him, licking our juices off his flaccid p**** until it swells in my mouth. From there I will often mount him, but yesterday I worked him with everything I had until he emptied his second load on my face and b******.

The worst part of it is, I know he's doing much the same to my daughter. He has even told me as much. His hands entwined in my hair, forcing my mouth down over his c*** as he talks about f****** my daughter in the backseat of his car. Of him teaching her to take his c*** into his mouth. He will compare how he is teaching her to how I do, how much tighter her p**** is than mine, how I suck c*** better, or let him take my ass where she wont.

He's even started talking about making us do a 3-some with him. I know it's wrong, but I'm sitting here waiting for him to come over and I'm writing this and masturbating thinking about watching him f*** my daughter. I know he wont be happy just taking us individually, if I know him (and I do) he will force us into doing things with each other as well. He gets off on the power, knows he can control us, knows he will get his way.

and God help me, I want to give him everything....

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  • You are a poor excuse for a mother - s******* your daughter's boyfriend. Do you not have any concern at all for the way this might hurt your daughter if she finds this out?
    There is help for you though: go to a S** Anonymous Group or start therapy but get control of yourself.

  • Wow. Sounds like me at 17. I was dating Stephanie who was in the color guard of the Marchin'Cats Band and I used to go to her house and her mom was always laying out in the back yard in a skimpy bikini. She would always call me over to her and talk to me when I got out of my truck. One day, I showed up and she was laying on her stomach with her top undone. She lifted up to tell me that Ste2was not home and I was standing there looking at her b****** as she was talking to me. After a minute she looked down and realized she was topless and said "oops" she sat up and I reached to hand her the bikini top and she smiled and said no point, since I had already seen them, unless I didn't like them I said "no, ma'am, I like them a lot" and she smiled at me and told me to come inside while she changed. She saw hard c*** in my shorts as I gazed at h e b******. We went inside and she didn't close the door as she went in her room and took off her bikini bottom. She called out to me and asked if I wanted to join her in the shower. I said "what?" And she said "you heard me!" So, I walked in and she pulled my shorts down and took me by the hand and led me to the shower where she washed me and gave me a soapy hand job as I came in the shower. She said not to worry, it was just to get the first one out of the way. We got out of the shower and she sucked my c*** and then mounted me and rode me cowgirl style. Then I flipped her over and f***** her missionary until I came. I was dressed and sitting in the living room when Stephanie and her little sister Savanna came home. I spent the next 4 months dating Stephanie and f****** her mom.

  • Wow. This is so hot

  • Damn! I wish you all would make a video........

  • Wow, this story got me all hard

  • I'm 60 and f*** a mother and daughter together, mothers 50 and the daughter is 30. Both are married but I own them the mothers husband knows I f*** her but he doesn't know I f*** his daughter as well. We do bdsm and the daughter f**** her mother with a strap on d****

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