Help i did something bad.

When i was twelve i sucked my grandparents dogs b****, idk why. I feel so gross and i feel as i should kill myself. i really hate that i did something like that. and i really hope that god forgives me, cause I want to be with jesus and in heaven with my family, ive been repenting ever since and i feel terrible for commiting such actions. if there are any christans on this app please tell me i can be forgiven, ive been wanting too speak with a preist about it and confess too him, i have scilently repented too god.

Jul 5

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  • I'm a pastor. Relax. You're forgiven. It's God's promise. Grace trumps all the poor choices we've made, all the s****-ups we're guilty of. You had the courage to confess; be assured God has the desire to forgive. Stop beating yourself up and move on. :-)

  • Repentance does work!

  • The truth is that forgiveness is given for true repentance. God uses guilt to show us the sins we have committed and to lead us to repentance (this is Godly sorrow). Godly sorrow is not to be repented of. However, the devil also uses guilt. This is not of God. We must remember that once we have truly repented that "God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness". After this point, we must make an effort to not walk in this sin. Any other guilt that comes is from the devil as a way to make us forget about God's grace. Since Christ died for our sins, our forgiveness is sure if we repent. We should be free of all guilt. After all, you cannot go back, you can only do better from now on to the glory of God.

  • I think God/Jesus has more important s*** to worry about.

  • Suck those puppy nuts

  • You can be forgiven. Don't do it again.

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