My Brother is Awesome

I put my five-year-old brother to bed whenever our parents go out, and I always tell him a story. I don't tell him stupid, Disney-esque fairytales though, I try to give him a variety with stories of substance, ya know? So, last night, I told him a condensed version of Lord of the Rings. He was very frustrated, and told me he just couldn't understand why they didn't just throw the one ring into the bottom of the ocean and get the Hulk to throw a mountain at Sauron.

I think I have to say I like my brother's version just as much as the original story, if not more. Just imagining the f****** Hulk smashing Sauron with a f****** mountain... It's f****** epic. My brother is a genius.

Feb 15, 2016

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  • I agree 🤝

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