It was summer and school was out. My two best friends and I were just messing around outside when Tommy said lets go up to my house I got something to show you. We went to his house and he got out a stack of dirty magazines his Dad had stashed in the closet.
We were all 13 or 14 years old and of course very h**** and the magazines just made it even worse.
After about an hour or so we all got so h**** that we began to dare each other to do different things and since no one was home we ended up naked and on another dare we all bot on the bed and started to play around and we were all over each other playing with each others d**** and ended up sucking each other and we all came at some point but it didn`t stop there as we continued to roll around naked and Steve was humping on my ass and Tommy wanted to try it so they took turns humping on me and it felt good so I never asked them to stop then Tommy dared Steve to stick his d*** in me and then dared me to let him do it.
It had felt good so far so I took the dare and Tommy sat back and watched as Steve laid on top of me and slowly got his d*** to go in my tight a******. It was a bit uncomfortable at first considering he stuck it in me with out any lube. It hurt a little and stung quite a bit but the more he stuck up my ass the better it felt and Tommy was getting just as excited as we were and he kept tell Steve to f*** me. Steve f***** me and came really fast but I wasn`t expecting him to c** in me but he did.
As soon as he rolled off of me Tommy got on top of me and didn`t have any problem at all sticking his d*** in me since Steve came in me my a****** was lubed up pretty good. tommy didn`t f*** me very long either and he came in me too. Steve was hard again and asked if he could f*** me again and for the next hour or so they continued to take turns on my ass and each time it got better and better and before long I was asking them to do it again.
We did it up until we had to stop that afternoon before his Mom got home from work that day but made plans to do it again the very next day. We all met at Tommy`s house as soon as his Parents left for work and it was so exciting knowing we had all day to stay naked and have s**. We sucked each other off quite a few times and they both f***** me a lot and one time we were in the spare bedroom in the floor and Tommy was f****** me on my hands and knees and Steve got on his knees in front of me and wanted me to suck his d*** so I did. That was pretty hot for the very first time and just about the time Tommy came in my ass Steve came in my mouth.
It was so hot and felt so good I swallowed for the first time in my life. It just seemed like the right thing to do since we were all so excited and everything felt so good to all of us.
Needless to say that wasn`t the last time they f***** me at both ends at the same time and we put a blanket on the bed and done it again except this time we could all watch ourselves in the dresser mirror which made it even more exciting. Almost every day that summer we were at each others house all day long naked having s**. Both of them tried getting f***** in the ass and liked it enough to do it again but not as often as they f***** me in the ass because I loved it. One day Steve got out a pair of his Moms panties and asked me to put them on and I did. They were silk and felt so good on me I left them on and Tommy f***** me from behind with them pulled to the side enough to stick his d*** in me and Steve f***** my mouth and when they came I came in the panties. My c** in the silk panties felt so good I wore them all day and came in them several times while they f***** me.
I started wearing panties almost every day and a few times even wore a sexy dress and the more I tried on the more we all liked it so I tried high heels panty hose bra and a wig and would model for them then play like I was the girl and suck them off on my knees at the same time and get both d**** in my mouth and let them both c** in my mouth. We tried everything that summer including a few pretend rape experiences.
They enjoyed the rape thing as much as I did and being held down and them shoving their hard d**** in me at both ends getting f***** and filled with c** by both of them was a huge turn on for all of us. We had a lot of s** for over 3 years and it got pretty wild at times but it was a lot of fun and felt very good.

Feb 15, 2016

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