Dark fantasy

I wish I was a Vampire.

Not just the drinking blood and strength or whatever. I want to burn in sunlight, I want to be afraid of the sun, to be harassed and threatened by random people at school or just walking around.

I want everyone that I know to know that I am a Vampire and that I'd be oppressed like gays and bisexual people were in the recent past and still nowadays but not as much. I want to have to wear big uv-protective clothes just to go outside in the daytime.

But I also want to drink the blood of an animal that I catch/farm or from a human donator and feel the sensation of burying my fangs into someone's neck and feeling the blood gush into my mouth and wet my throat.

I want to not be able to eat food unless I want to tear my mouth to shreds with my fangs or throw up spurts of blood from my stomach.

All this sounds amazing .

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  • She and he have such a dark fantasy they refer to me as a "HE" when I am a woman. that really shows you what these people are about and how evil they are.

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