My house burned down the morning after thanksgiving. The whole downstairs was full of smoke so we had no choice but to jump out of my parents second story window. It was raining and 30 something degrees. The whole front half of the house was in flames.. I had 5 dogs, a 55g saltwater tank, a bearded dragon, 2 cats, and a ball python. All of them perished that morning. Except for a cat that was outside already. A couple days later I went by the rubble to take it all in and I started digging through where my room was and found some of my blu Ray collection and some Pokemon cards. I also found the body of my chihuahua.. I immediately jumped over the fence and started bawling. I went home and didn't stop crying. The next day after work I decided to go bury her along with the dog who was in my parents room. I dug through the ash of the front side of the house where the other 3 dogs would have been but I couldn't find anything except the fat that melted off of them in a puddle under their cages.. Not even a bone or a collar. We've been staying in my uncles house and I keep going into my parents room and picking up my dads shotgun in his closet because I know the only way I'll be able to get over it is to feel the pain they felt

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  • Is this fake, you said you had a bearded dragon.

  • No, don't ever harm yourself over your loss. That will not help you. Instead, let someone close to your know how you feel, go to the emergency room if you ever feel suicidal and please get counseling that you can begin to come to terms with your complicated loss. Condolences to you and please get help. Harming yourself would only make things worse for your already ailing family. Take care now and let us know how you're doing.

  • So very sorry for your loss. Please don't hurt yourself. You have so much to live for. It's devastating what happened to your home and your pets. It's going to take a lot of time to deal with such a great loss, but not by killing yourself. Your family will never be able to deal with losing you too. Go and speak to a professional, it will help you sooo much.

  • Dont do it. Your friends and family love you. And it will cause a chain reaction of feelings and actions. Think things through. It will get better. Dont make decisions with a cloudy mind. I love you. You are a beautiful caring person.

  • What they said.

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