I do not know what to think about my best friend and my bf

Okay. So i ahve a boyfriend and i love him like 9/10. And i have a reqlly good friend. Almost best frien. She is beautiful. She has long brown hair and blue eyes and a nice smile. She can speak beautiful on her motgerlanguage(which is the same as my boyfriend's) she can play the guitar she is perfect in school she does free running and she can sing draw paint good with computers watvhing animes and can play the piano and she isa bit of a gamer.(like asassin's creed, supermario, dark souls,undertale etc..) . And i am here like short blond hair brown eyes can play the guitar a little bit can not sing do kung fu(which is not that sexy more like respectfull) and do not know that much about gaming. I am not that good in school and i am not that perfect and organized as her. But i have a better body and i have a better humor and a bigger mouth ( like i say my opinion without hesitation and i am good in speaking and not that shy) and i am a woman. Like i am not a virgin like her. But ine more. I have another motherlanguage and i can not speek their that good because i livein their country since 2 years. But before i was together wit my partner we wre friends and he told me how his dream woman looks like and how she is.. exactly like my friend( they were not friends before and did not really saw each other) and our relationship is a little strange because he really did not want to be with me but i kind of forced him. And now he says he loves me( but jus 2-7/10 as he said). And now they are like best friends. I am really happy because i do love them both and she has someone (a really good friend of me and my bf) she loves really badly. And i am not worried because of her but because of my boyfriend
He said we have to be togerher for 2 month and than we will see. Because he has bad experiences of relationships. Abd i know he likes me(and they will like NEVER be together) but i have a strange feeling that he will badly fall in love with her.. even if he will not confess he will reject me..but i love him so much. We are like best friends and lovers. I can do everything with him and iwe have the dame hobbies and interests.. i just do not want to lose him because i think he is the one.(i am not 16 that i say for a teenelove OMG HE IS THE ONE- i am older and i do not want any short or medium long relationships. I should find the one..) and i pretend it would not bother me because i want to be a good girlfriend and want to trust him but it is like an instinct..i told him all of it and he said "we would never be together with her and i do not speak wit her that much because i know i would fell in her if i do". And that scares me!

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  • Sounds as if you need to speak to them both at one time and sort this out. Hope all works out well.

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