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Guys i need an advice . Me and my gf are together like for more than 1 year. She is the best girl i ever har , cooking cleaning all the time brautiful and not messing around with others. But in bed she is not that experienced as i m , she only had just 1 partner before me she is very basic in s** which means no oral ( giving or recieving) and i kind don't like this situation i m a bit of kinky person but she is not and she does not evan want to try it. She tried it like twice but she said she doesnt like it and do not force her. Not talking about this and if we have s** is ok if not still ok for her. it is not that amazing like i m used with my ex. please help

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  • Alcohol lowers inhibitions. When I want my wife to ride me, I make her a potent margarita before bed. And chocolate as a natural, mild aphrodisiac. Also, oral is a lot better after showering - she will be a lot more comfortable with your mouth on her clean body. Do some prep work and tell her how good she tastes on your fingers and how warm and delicious her skin is after showering. Loosen her up with some massage, music, candles, and then kiss her body closer and closer to her apex. Make her beg.

  • I would move on if I were you. Unlikely that she will ever be anywhere close to your desires and expectations. Better to move on now and find a more compatible sexual partner.

  • Well, how about this: You teach her a few things about the Big Nasty, and in return she teaches you basic English syntax. I think it would be a fair trade.

  • 1. She might be asexual? Or maybe just doesn't like oral. You can have fun doing things other than oral. Try new positions. You can still be kinky if she likes regular s**.

    2. I don't really like oral. After all these years, I finally am somewhat into a girl sucking me off. You could try giving her oral. But doesn't mean she will want to give it to you.

    3. Oral is different when you're sucking a p****. A guy might jab his d*** down someone's throat, and that can be awfully painful. It's not the same at all when giving a girl oral.

  • Step 1: Get her to break up with you.
    Step 2: She rebounds hard, and that guy has his way with her for a few week opening her up to all kinds of next ideas.
    Step 3: Win her back, and enjoy the new her.

  • You are lucky in the sense that you are in liberty to teach her all the joy and kinks in sexuality and eroticism - Start with 60+ positions in the Kama Sutra, one in each day. Then proceed to more mature fetishes, from straight s** to bi, bes, les, 3-some etc... Always spend enough time on foreplay.

  • You need to teach her to do the things you like. Where did your ex learn to do what she did? I'm willing to bet it was from some guy before you. Some girls have a natural knack for things, sure, but most of them just have boyfriends that teach them what feels good an what doesn't. Next time you guys are getting intimate, tell her what you want her to do. Correct her technique until it feels good, and be sure to give LOTS OF POSITIVE FEEDBACK.

  • Hi there , thanks for tue advise but this it won't work . as i said she is not into oral s** at all , she tried like twice but she said she doesn't like and i tried to correct her tehnique but she got upset and never tried it again since.

  • Like she doesn't like doing it? Or doesn't like the taste of your stuff? Will she at least take it on the face then?

  • Need not to get concerned he is the same moron whose unable to pass the time

  • I think so too.

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