I want an old(ER) guy

I always fantasizes about have s** with an old man. I'm 18 and the oldest guy I've had s** with is 20. I want someone a lot older to turn me on.

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  • I would love to let you have s** with my hottttttt 41 year old husband. God I want to see him with a much younger man. He is so sexy and powerful, I want to see him take pleasure from someone so young.

  • I'm 60 with a 7in fat c***, I'd love to help you out. Were you from?

  • I don't agree with putting an ad somewhere. Find an older man ( I recommend a married man over 40) like a teacher, one of your girlfriend's, or boyfriend's dad, a friend or business associate of your dad. If you find an older man that you sort of know, just a little and seduce him it will be much more exciting. It will be easy, older men cannot resist an 18 year old.

  • Well, kinda depends if you want s** or proper relationship. Getting older s** partner is no problem at all... Assuming you're a girl, all you need to do is put an add to some dating site

  • You will eventually attract someone older. Just let your friends and associates know that you're so interested.

  • Put an ad on craigslist.

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