Girlfriend caught me

I am 25 years old. I've been living with a buddy of mine for about 6 years now. I've been dating Samantha for about a year. Jim and I are best friends. We talk about everything. He is the only person that knows about a gay fling I had back in high school.

Well a few weeks ago, we are sitting on the couch watching a movie. Mid movie I say, "I wonder when Sam will be back from her vacation." He said, "Why?" I said, "I'm h**** as h***." He said, "So go j*******." I said, "I do j*******. Damn near every night. Not the same." He said, "Well there is another idea." I said, "Nah, not gonna text Stacy. If I f*** her she won't leave me alone." He said, "Didn't mean that."

He reached over and grabbed my c***. I said, "Um, what are you doing?" He said, "What does it look like?" I said, "You never said you were gay." He said, "I wouldn't say gay. I wouldn't say straight either. It's 2016. Who cares about labels. If it feels good do it." I said, "I dunno dude." He said, "Just try it once. If it's wierd then we don't have to do it. No big deal."

His hand never came off my c*** that whole conversation. My c*** had even gotten hard. He pulled my basketball shorts down and started sucking my d***. It felt pretty good. I decided to just not resist. I took off my shirt. I layed down on the couch. He repositioned himself and continued to suck me off.

I started to like it. I said, "Hey. Flip around and let me suck your d*** too." So he did. We started to 69. We were both laying on our sides sucking each other's d****. He got up briefly. He got on top of me and we started to kiss. I couldn't help myself. I pulled my legs up to my chest. I positioned his c*** to be pressed against my a******. He said, "You sure about this?" I said, "Yeah. It feels kinda good. Go ahead and put it in."

He pushed until the head was in. It hurt. I stopped him. Told him to not pull out. Just leave it in till the pain went away. A few seconds later i told him to keep going. He pushed it the rest of the way in. Didn't hurt at all. He got up on his knees and started to f*** me.

He said it wouldn't take long for him to c**. I told him to f*** me harder then. He f***** me another few minutes and then said he was going to c**. He said pull out or leave it in. I was now jacking myself off as he finished f****** me. My gf walked in just as he was c****** all over my c*** and me saying, "Oh god yes baby. I'm almost there."

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  • Getting spontaneously f*ck'd is so much fun. I had a brief encounter with another boy in middle school. He f*ckd me several times a week throughout seventh grade till I moved. I'd told my wife two years ago when we were still engaged and she encouraged me to meet with him again. I reverted to the little boy s*** that I'd been in seventh grade. It was great, and my wife thinks it's hot. His p**** was way bigger and it took a while for me to relax.

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