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Back during my freshman year, I took a French class with this boy who, at first, I ignored and treated like any other silly guy in the class. On the second week, I started noticing he was showing basic body language signs that he took special interest in me but I couldn't be sure. It was the week after that I realized I was starting to like him back as well. I told one of my friends who tends to be a blabbermouth. As expected, she begged to do me the favor of informing him of my little "crush". Of course, I refused, but before further ado, she ran straight up to him and told him every detail about the crush I had. He didn't even look at me the next day, and I grew worried. Apparently, the word spread to some of his closest friends as well. The days went by and everything went back to normal. I had been keeping everything that happened a deep secret at the time, so eventually I felt like bursting. I told my younger cousin who lived many states away, confident she would tell no one. Turns out, I was wrong. She sent him a private message on Facebook about how much I talk about how hot he is and suggested he should come talk to me more often. In an outrage, I went to his profile and announced that everything she and my friend told him was a lie. He never spoke to me ever since. The crush began to fade and I lost interest in him. At least, that's what I thought. I told all the people I informed of my secret that we were over and the potentialized relationship we developed was gone. The big secret here is... I still love him deeply and I think about him in tears some nights. I wish we could start over. I don't even know if he accepted the fact I liked him or became mad at me. I wish I did.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Keep contact somehow.. facepage or something. After a 'I've matured more' phase, then show interest again but leave the f****** friends out of it all. THEY RUINED IT. The lack of excitement in their own lives means they couldnt keep their hands off of yours.

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