I think our couple friend want to have a foursome with us.

I'm in a very happy relationship with my gf.
She has a friend who has always been extra friendly with me and it sometimes makes me uncomfortable when she hugs me for silly reasons.
She has a boyfriend that she really loves too who's cool guy.
Based on what she has told my fiancee, her boyfriend is very sexual and in her words a "freak"
They say a lot of sexual things around us and joke about their trips to adult stores and butt plugs.

I ignored it at first but now I can't stop thinking about her. She wears very revealing outfits and I sometimes have a hard time looking away. I sometimes go to her facebook and checkout her pictures and fantasize about having s** with her in front of her boyfriend.

They have invited us to their place this weekend and want to smoke weed with us.

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  • Are you two open to having a swinger's relationship and do you think that it will interfere with your union? If the answer is no, then you should let the other couple know to cool the sexual acting out. Otherwise, you two may have to stop hanging out with them.

  • F*** her!

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