Is it love?

Im still young and im so confused about what love is. i met this guy at my school and him and me started talking and became good friends. he gave me his contact and i gave him mine. he texted me one day sayig he liked me but i had a boyfriend at the time and he knew that but he didnt care. i was so cofused beacause i didnt want to break my boyfriends heart by telling him that i didnt like him anymore so i just pretended to like him. the other kid who liked me keept asking for nudes but i always said no. one because i already had a boyfriend but two i would never do that. but then he sent me one and everything changed and i was instantly "in love" with him i was still dating my boyfriend at the time so now i just hate myslef for cheatig on him. he was such a sweet guy and what did i do in return for him. oh yeah thats right i cheated on him. i never even dated the other guy but he always touched my ass and put his hands on my thighs. but when i finally broke up with my boyfriend he did more than touch me. he always told me he wanted to have s** with me. i just played along being stupid. one day during school he sits beside me in one of my classes and all of a sudden i felt a hand on my thigh. he started moving it more up towards my p**** and he just keept his hand there the teacher called me so he moved his hand. the next day he started doing the same except this time he pulled my shorts down(i wear a skirt to school) then he pulled my panties to were he could touch me. he was fingering me and i just didnt know what to do. i tried moving his hands from me but he was to strong i wanted him to stop but at the same time i wanted him to keep doing it. i told him i liked it. this continued on for more days. he dared me to touch his d*** under his underwear. i did it. he liked it and because i liked him a lot i keept doing it. we had somewhat a routine. then one day it just stopped. two months later i felt a hand up my thigh. i knew it was going to start again but i still dont know what to do about it

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  • It's not love. Sorry, definitely not love. Love isn't having a guy take advantage of you in class. Not sure what you like about this other guy.. he just sounds aggressive and doesn't really respect you. There is flirting and then there is outright crossing boundaries. It's good that you didn't send him nudes. All this guy wants is s** and he'll probably get it (or does) from other girls in your school. You are in charge of your body and there is a time and a place for all things to happen. Him putting his hands on you and you feeling that you can't say no..he's essentially molesting you. The next time that happens, raise your hand and ask a question or see if you can be moved. Or move your desk.

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