A couple days ago I was talking to my dad and we were talking about why he has our last name part of mine and my brother's contact in his phone. I was looking at his phone over his shoulder and stuff while we talked. I looked away for a quick minute and when I looked back there was a nude of some woman's t***. It was somewhat blurry, but I quickly looked away.

About two hours later my dad went to hockey practice with my brother, he's a coach. I went to the bathroom and found his phone. (My dad doesn't have a passcode on it.) I put it in his cubby and walked away. Well, I got curious.

'Did I really see t***? Does my dad really have nudes of some woman on his phone?' These were the questions going through my head and the longer I thought the more curious I became. I grabbed his phone and say on the couch.

I took a guess and figured he had the picture in his photos. So I clicked on photos and found pictures of the woman's face. Her name is Tammy. My dad told me she was cute. He was wrong. That woman is my opinion at least. And of course I saw the t** pic, but I also found p**** pics too.

After that I went to his messages and clicked on Tammy's name. I clicked details, (he has an IPhone) I found multiple pictures of her p****, her t***, there was even videos of her using a d****, and I saw my dads d*** pics.

It was weird and not that cute. I really did not see the attraction to this Tammy. Her b**** were saggy and her p**** was white, like ghost white. Her p**** had no color, AT ALL.

Being the bad person I am I clicked out of details and read some of their messages. Found out girl can't spell and she's desperate. Some of her texts were like 'I can't wait', 'my nipples are so hard for you', 'this p**** wants that d***', etc etc. she spelled night wrong and other, simple words. It made her look really dumb. After that I read my dad text. The long ass paragraph of him dumping her. I laughed.

She was asking him to come over the next night so they could f*** again and my dad said he didn't want her. And I know it's mean to laugh, but she was acting all desperate and s***.

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