I don't like my youngest step daughter

I have two children and four step children. Blending our family has not been easy but we've been able to get through most everything together. There's just this one thing that I can't seem to fix: my feelings for my youngest step daughter. I've tried finding things we have in common or things I like about her...but I just don't like her. She talks too much and thinks she knows everything. She's also enormously obese for her age which is not her fault but it grosses me out. You can hear her breathing from another room and we had to move her to sleeping on the couch because her snoring wakes up everyone she tries to share a bed with. I've started buying her clothes all the time....and my husband thinks I'm doing it out of the kindness of my heart. I'm doing it because I can't stand to be seen in a public with an 8 year old so obese and her ass hangs out because her parents are in denial of what size clothes she really wears (16!!!!!). Then she came over last weekend with a training bra...and told my youngest daughter that she was developing earlier than her. Um, no, those aren't b******. Those are just FAT and your mother is trying to make you feel better about it. Ugh, I hate myself for this.

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  • You should "hate" yourself because what you are feeling is reprehensible. The poor kid is a little fatty and will probably have a weight problem all her life. Children are products of their environment. If she is fat and lazy then it is her parents fault. You want to be mad at someone, be mad at yourself.

  • Kids today are just fat and bloated. They simply don't move enough. Even the thin ones are out of shape. Both my daughters 9 and 12 are grossly obese but so are all their friends. When they get together they actually compete to see who has the bigger belly. It's disgusting. My 9 year old actually weighs over 250 lbs and forget the 12 year old, she's practically spherical. She can barely waddle 50 feet before she is breathing like a winded horse. I took them to Disney World last spring and all they did was complain about all the walking they had to do and beg for soda and junk food. My wife who is morbidly obese as well doesn't seem to be bothered by this. She says it's just baby fat but I know that's all bullshit. I'm about ready to ship all three of them off to a fat camp.

  • It is so sad that she is only 8 and is obese. It's one thing to be an adult and gain weight. But for a child, it changes who she is at the core. That is just really sad. Doctors haven't said anything? It's almost a form of abuse. You guys are her parents, she's 8.. you can't control her eating? There's denial , but there's also responsibility and an 8 year old isn't going to cook her meals necessarily. It just borders on abuse that no one is doing something to help her. Even though you say you don't like her, and you have guild about it.. it's obvious that you do care. Would you like her more if she was skinny?

  • How old is she?

  • Starve the c***

  • Read the con, mother f*****!

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