I was a complete failure with women and girls my whole life.

In high school I was rejected by the girls to the point where I gave up. In college I was rejected by the girls to the point to where I gave up.

Along comes a population of Japanese girls and I'm adored. These girls came from Japan with their parents and started a company. I work in another small firm beside these people.

I asked one of them out and apparently it was love at first sight. I'm going to marry this young woman.

I'm twenty-four and she's twenty-one and we plan to start a family as soon as we get wed.

I've been told this happens a lot. Women from other countries love the qualities that American women don't like. I mean I'm polite, kind and soft spoken. White women think this is for squares.

I can't wait.

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  • Nice to hear that you met someone nice but it's not such a good idea to spread stereotypes about people.

  • Good for you, man! And it does happen a lot. I had to leave the States to find a good woman who thinks politeness and kindness are qualities in a man, rather than something to mistrust, ridicule, or take advantage of. We're going on 13 amazing years. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

  • Not doing it so they can be American citizen are they? Sneaking over Sir Trumpalots wall?

  • She's pregnant. I hope you are wrong.

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