I'm 13 years old and have masturbated. I am doing it now. I'm average height and latina. I really need some tips on how to make it better!!! I really need your help.

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  • There are two things I used to do when I first started masturbating.
    I used a length of thin strong wool or soft thread and tied a loop of it quite tightly around the head of my c***. this used to make the head swell up and become really sensitive.
    another thing I did was a found some rubber tubing just under a centimetre in diameter and placed one end of it over my c*** with plenty of lubrication. I put the other end in my mouth and sucked hard, drawing my c*** into the tube. By alternately sucking and blowing I felt I was experiencing what a guy does when he has s**. It was amazing how big my c*** got after sucking it like that.
    both these methods enabled me to c** again and again until I couldn't take any more.
    I think that once girls have mastered the art of masturbation we can experience far more pleasure than guys can give us, or experience themselves!

  • Ok thanks ill be sure to try it. It sounds amazing. Thank you :)

  • Are u a girl or a boy ?

  • Girl

  • End of a makeup brush

  • You can add me on snapchat: krazykidrm

  • You are a very bad girl. you should not do this to yourself and wait to be married for your husband to give you pleasure.
    If you cannot stop yourself you should see an arabic doctor who will remove your c******* which will stop these unholy desires

  • I dont want to get married. And i am not 'bad' so please with all due respect f*** off. In the bible its says nothing about masturbating only fornication. So please keep opinions to yourself. May God be with you. Have a nice day

  • You f****** muslim c*********, I'd personally love to remove your tiny worthless c***, and feed it to the dog. All muslim MF's should be castrated, to stop the spread of the disease called Islam.

  • Lol shut up

  • Use vicks salve, it will warm things up a lot.

  • Don't think about your mom.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • Put it in a milking machine and set the dial for 5 gallons.

  • Wish i were home to j*** off, sucks being h**** at work, tell us more about u

  • What do you want to know

  • Whats your current technique?

  • Fingering

  • Have you tried doing the "come here" finger movements when your fingering yourself?

  • No. Does it really work? What else should i do? Help me please!

  • Try that first, curl your fingers like you are telling someone to "come here" and that should help get you a different feeling o*****

  • Thanks :)

  • Any Update?

  • Yep. To be honest i dont really feel anything. It doesnt really bring me to that feeeling. Im sorry!

  • Oh thats too bad, if you wanna talk more, email me at

  • Thanks

  • Do you have like snapchat or instagram?

  • I have both

  • What are they

  • Whats yours?

  • I hardly use them

  • Oml

  • Troll!

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