Nightmares of the older set

I turned 69 a few days ago and I haven't worked since I retired six years ago. Being retired is fine and dandy but your past sometimes comes back to haunt you at night.

Last night I had a garbled dream that I was at my old place of work. I knew something was wrong because I was having problems with the task in my dream and then this part of the dream turned sour.

I dreamed that there was a conflict between the older workers and the younger workers. We the older workers were on one side of the room and the younger workers were on the other side.

We were losing the contest. In fact we had to leave.

I believe this is my sub conscience telling me that perhaps I retired too early. I mean I didn't want to leave but I got early retirement over my objections.

It still bothers me and I hd that garbled dream because of it.

It didn't help that some of the old workers facing the younger workers are dead either.

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  • Sounds like you're worrying about just being old ( and redundant and replaced ). It's probably your sub conscious lamenting lost youth and the unfairness of the young pushing you out. That's all. Not an easy thing to come to terms with. Shadows of mortality and all that. Relax, enjoy you don't have to rush around and smell the flowers. That's something the young can't do.

  • Sounds troubling. Maybe you need to forgive yourself for having to retire early and the people at your old job too for forcing it on you. Then maybe your bad dreams will end. Good luck.

  • I turned 45 this past December. I don't feel like I'm that old. These past few months at work have been, I don't know if eye opening is right, but they have made me realize that I'm viewed as an old timer. The team I manager is mostly younger people, late teen and twenties. The divide between us has been more apparent to me. Maybe that's the way things have always been. Maybe one day the youth of today will have the same realization.

  • The youth of today become the old people of tomorrow. I was young during the hippie generation when you couldn't trust anyone over thirty. Now that we're nearly seventy we have kind of backed away from that theory.

    Being old and vulnerable means that you no longer trust anybody.

  • >> The youth of today become the old people of tomorrow

    Something Millennials and Gen Z need to hear daily. They think they're just so fair and open minded about everything, race, gender, etc. But anyone much older than them is either invisible or someone to treat with contempt. They hate being called on their hypocrisy and will ignore you if you try to bring it up, but their time of getting dismissed because of age is coming. I look forward to it!

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