Nothing is the same

S** with my gf is not the same I don't crave her like I used to emotionally now I crave her every now and then when I see her b**** or just when I'm h**** she'll try to jump on me right away and kiss me everywhere but I tend to push her away idk if I'm being rude or if I should just leave her and be honest with her. S** takes a huge role In a relationships I used to be chunky a few months ago but since I started a new job I'm constantly lifting heavy stuff and it took me just one month for my body to completely change all my fat turned into muscle so I became very buff and everything I ate transferred to my muscles which is good because in in good shape again. I wasn't that fat I just had a belly and not too much muscle now I'm buff as f*** it makes me think I'm going through depression or somehow my gf just wants to f*** because I enlarged down there or because my looks because everywhere we go I get woman just looking at me and have had some teasers here and there but idk

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  • I maybe did change in the fact of physical change but I feel I'm changing in personal change in unsure of what I do and don't want since my d*** and body grew

  • Sounds like you're not into her anymore. "I should just leave her and be honest with her". Says it all. You already know, you're just unsure about the upheaval and drama.
    If she's a keeper work on it, but, in all honestly, it sounds like you've changed. Everyone changes over time. What you liked yesterday is no guarantee of what you'll like tomorrow. And sometimes there are big consequences to that.

  • Couple of things for you to think about. Congrats on the new job. Since you're working (and exercising at the same time) a lot things happened for you. You're getting shape, you're taking notice, other women are noticing etc. And you're happier because you are busier and most likely feeling better about yourself. Could she like you heavier, maybe.. or maybe she sees the responses and the change scares really don't know without talking to her. S** is important in relationships. And sometimes you're not in the mood. When you tell your gf you're not in the mood, talk with her later about it. Sometimes people take that very personally. Think about how you feel when you make a move and she isn't in the move. It's rejection. Relationships change as well. Sometimes people can feel disconnected even in the best relationships. So you are feeling really good about yourself and may be thinking you could do better. Think about it. Because the grass isn't always greener on the other side. If the relationship you are in isn't working, then leave. But if she's really a great person and possibly someone you want to marry, then work on it.

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