Alien Abduction

I wish Justin Bieber, Kanye West and all the Kardashians would get abducted by aliens and never heard from again. They're miserable human beings that should be removed from the gene pool.

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  • ...and the fact that they're rich and famous is all the more disgusting! I wish they'd disappear as well.

  • ^Amen!^

  • I also agree, but I have to say that I hope they perform some a*** probes on Kanye - using reeeeeeally big probes - before they dispose of him.

  • He will probably insist on the biggest probe. They won't use it on Kim. That would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

  • I totally totally totally totally TOTALLY agree. Could not possibly agree more. They all need to get GONE!!!

  • LOL - last I checked they were not in the gene pool.

  • I'm not sure they are miserable human beings. They seem like just human beings to me. Maybe self entitled ? Foolish ? I think what you actually resent is the fact that they are worshipped by so many people for not much at all. If they weren't famous and in the public eye, I'm guessing you wouldn't take any notice of them if you passed them in the street. Certainly not to hating them. Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

  • I'll give you this. Kanye has at least contributed a few good things, even though he thinks he Jesus. B**** is a spoiled brat who thinks he can do whatever he want with no consequences. When he's 30 and broke the reality of life will hit him hard. Kim sucked a third rate rappers d*** and then had her mom broker a "leaked" s** tape. There would be no Kardashians without her. The entire family status is built on her c** filled ass.

    I have no problem with people who build themselves up through hard work and talent. I know plenty of people who have the same entitled attatudes. I could have just as easyly added my cousin Steave to the list but I figured most of the people who will read this have no clue who Steve is. Those of you who do know Steve can testify to him being d********* k*** weasel.

    I say good day to you sir.

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