So willing, having been willing, but i not willful.

I really like starting out in make up but I am sick of sal picking at every word I say as if she is a teacher. what she calls motivation just feels negative as if i can't speak correctly and she is pushy and controlling and draining me. and why is she such a b**** and jackie is nicer and I get on better with her. I can see sal does not trust me and i get the feeling she thinks I am lazy. I said "oh really' in a surprised voice and she took that negatively. why is she being such a b**** towards me? I mean who is going to be riding who at the end of this race ?

cuz I am i don't to be like her to be good enough for a wonderful man. she has to understand why she was getting s** I was getting rejections and I just let go and moved on. so a husband does matter to me. she has had 2 or 3 and a string of lovers. and careers and cars and opportunities in life I have not. I like her and I am greatful for all the help she did today but I want to show her I can do some parties and get some leads on my own and I can do the business my way for my needs and work it up gradually. and having a husband is the most important thing to me right now, and she has to allow me that right! and I need love and attention and affection and I deserve and i put in hard work she does not know about .

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