Wait. You did WHAT, mom?

I just found out, by accident, that my mom did p*** in the 1980's. I was looking for something in the attic and I found of box of photos and clothes from back then.

Its shocking to see your mom in some of these situations. I've now seen more of my mom than I needed to see. At least she and I have the same parts so it not as bad as I would be if it was my brother who found them. Pubic hair trends have changed a lot since the 80's.

All she will tell me that she was never famous. And that regrets doing it. The first thing I asked her was did you f*** Ron Jeremy? She won't answer me. Then I asked if dad know. Turns out he does. They met on a p*** shoot.

My dad works for a tv station as a cameraman. He started out shooting p***. it like, who are you people? My mom wouldnt let me wear a bikini until I was 18. My dad didn't let me date until I was 17. I think of all the times they came down h****** me for something and they had a secret p*** past.

I'm going to keep workings them. I want to know if they knew any of the famous p*** stars from back then. I have hundreds of questions I want answered.

Mind blown. I NEVER would have even considered that something that they did. Wow.

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  • So why don't you use your new found information to open up a further dialog between you and your parents. Parents are only human.

  • My dad and I have been talking some. My mom said she was afraid I would judge her and not be able to forgive her. I told them both I'm not judging them. I think its kind of awesome. I just want to here what it was like living in that kind of world.

  • If you could find one of her movies or clips would you want to watch it?

  • I want to say no but honestly I'm not sure. Is that weird? It's got to be, right.

  • I think my head would explode if I found that out about my mom. She practically Ms PTA Bake sale.

  • Is it bad that I can totally picture my mom as a p*** star?

  • Lmao

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