Mother in law flirts

So I've been married to my wife for 7 years. We went on vacation to the beach in California this summer. Me, my wife, her mom and step dad. Her mom is very flirty and I flirt back. I figure it was harmless. One day I didn't really wanna go down to the beach. I just stayed under an umbrella at the hotel poolside and had some drinks. My wife was in the sun from morning to sundown stopping for food. Her step dad was off doing god knows what.

So her mom, Mary, came out and saw me. She asked where my wife was. I told her she was down at the beach. She asked why I wasn't there. Told her I'd rather just chill here today. She asked if I could help put on some sun screen. I told her that we could help each other. She said to just come into her room since her lotion was there. She sat on the edge of the bed. She handed me the lotion. I started to rub it on her shoulders. She had on a one piece bathing suit that had no back. She took her arms out of the top and pulled the top down to her waist.

At first I didn't look. Didn't occur to me to do so. I got up on my knees and started massaging her neck and shoulders. She was liking it. She then asked to do her lower back. She layed down on the bed. She mentioned that she wouldn't be able to get the back of her thighs. Asked if I wouldn't mind doing that. Told her no problem. So she took her bathing suit off completely. Now I'm looking. Very nice body for a 61 year old. She spread her thighs a bit and I'm rubbing lotion in. I get close to her p****. She notices and likes it. She then said, "Ok other side." And flipped over onto her back. She said, "Wanna get my neck and front?" I knew where this was headed. I said sure and went to position myself by her head. She said, "Not enough room up there. Just stay down there. Take off your trunks so the sun screen doesn't ruin them."

I put the sun screen on the desk. I got on top of her and slid my d*** into her p****. She moaned softly and said, "Naughty boy. Not even applying any lotion." I was pumping my c*** in and out of her p**** and said, "I can get up and go get it if you want." She said, "Oh god that feels good. No you should definitely keep f****** me."

F***** her for about an hour that morning. Afterwards we both went poolside and chatted. My wife came up and asked if I was ready for lunch. She also said, "I like that you and my mom get along so well. Brent (her previous husband) couldn't get along with her."

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  • What a deal you have! Pleasing your wife's mother! You may be headed for trouble later if your wife finds out.

  • Cool your jets & play with your toys junior.. You forgot, de wife isn't going to find out..

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