My sisters help

My sister and I are identical twins. Are mom passed away we we were 12. My father worked for GM. My dad was what you would call a man's man. He used to say my sister was more of a man than I was. He worked third shift at a factory. I got good at avoiding him. It was the way we both liked it.

My sister and I were pretty much the same size. It was 14 the first time I tried on her clothes. It was a Sunday night. We went to 7 p.m church. My sister took her shower first. When it was my turn I went in, she left her church clothes on the floor. I got undressed and held her dress up to me and looked at myself in the mirror.

She left everything on the floor, down to her bra and underwear. I made sure the door was locked and turned the shower on.

I put her clothes on. She wore a pair of white tights to church. When I put them on it felt right. After that night I started sneaking some of her clothes.

She caught me. I always had a thing for her tights and nylons. She found a pair of her gray tights in the laundry basket. When I was masturbating I came in the tights. I thought I hide them better.

I thought she would tell our day. I freaked out and was crying my eyes out. She took pitty on me.

I told her everything. Wearing her clothes, why I did it. She was upset mostly about he wearing her underwear but got past it. We talked a lot.

A few days later she called me into her room. Her closet was open. She told me to pick something out. She had a black dress I alway wanted to wear.

She open her underwear draw and took out a black bra and underwear and black nylons. She told me to put them on. She sat me down and put makeup on me.

She became my champion. She taught me how to do my makeup and hair. She bought me clothes. Most importantly she kept my secret.

That was ten year ago. My father disowned me. He gave me one h*** of a beating first. My sister and I live together. I live my life as a woman. I've been called every name in the book but I don't care. I'm not afraid and I am not ashamed. This is who I am.

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  • Another moonbat.

  • You enjoy your life. That's what I do. F*** that religious brainwashing s*** your dad had. You're who you are. You're lucky you found out at that age. I was older when I did...

  • A friend of mine was the only boy, he had 4 sisters. When he had a steady girl she and I be close friends to the point she seduced me after she broke up with him. During s** she told me she thinks he's gay. I asked why would you think that. She told me he was cross dressing in his sisters cloths and his older sis would help dress him. We all knew he was a little off especially when he and his sis had the same std at the same time. We think he and his sis did more than crossdressing together. She told me of the day when she went over and he was dressed as a woman, she said he looked like a woman and not bad looking . It really freaked her out and thought only someone gay would do that. I look back at the whole thing now, he's not gay just weird. He I'm almost positive was having full blown s** with his sister who was 5 years older. Others have had things to say about how close they were, that it was abnormal and incestious behavior between them. His former girl thought he was very sexually experienced for his age and it all adds up to them and incest for years. Not many 17 year old guys know what a woman likes sexually but he did.

  • Surprise

  • Much as I find this kind of stuff a bit odd, I'm glad you made your own choice to be what you think you are. I find cross dressing a bit odd, but if you want that it's your right.

  • Not cross dressing if she lives as a girl, there is a difference between transgender and cross dressers. But still nice of you to understand her choice.

  • It's good to read that you have such good support. Please go to therapy though in order to heal from the trauma of your earlier years. Be well now.

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