Abuse..but its good

My step dad as been sexually abusing me since i was 9, im 15 now, and i actually like it.
We have s** whenever we can.
I think i may be in love with him.



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  • It started soon after he moved in, my mom popped to the shop and he was watching over me, hed had sum alcohol, and we started fooling around, play fighting, when i landed his lap, he kissed my neck, and then full blown on tbe lips, he quickly pulled away, and apologised, nothing happend for a coulpe of months, until out with friends one saturday night. I was sleeping and he came in my room, at first, i wasnt sure what was happening, as he slid his hand down under the covers, and started groping my bum, as i laid still, the covers pulled back, exposing my legs and bum, i felt his hand gently touching me, as he whispered, "so smooth, so soft!" I slowly began to curl up, and he left.
    This became a regular thing, everytime my mum went out, he would fondle me, until around the 7th or 8th time, he was slightly drunk, when i went to bed, so after another hour or so drinking, he must of been completley drunk.
    He crept in my room, and fondled me as usual, this time tho, he began using his tongue, as he licked my bare ass, and thighs, it felt weird, but nice at the same time.
    When i moved, he would leave.
    This contunued for another 2 or 3 months, before it esculated...

  • Kindly continue to keep us posted as he escalates the pleasure to you & brings you into womanhood.. There is no abuse occurring here ; rather this occurs at all ages now with his habits & generosity being mainstream.. You will be thankful later that a man close to you & your mom taught you how to please a man.. We are glad you enjoy it since your young age of 9.. He was always gentle with you I'm sure..

  • ...definitely abuse here. Just saying.

    Though from the "before it esculated..." this feels fake, think it's just someone posting a fantasy

  • Tell us more!

  • How did it start?

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