I'm a terrible person

I'm in love with another boy two years younger than me.
I wave him off the bus every morning, find him out at lunch and stalk him out at after-school classes. I feel terrible for harrassing him, but it makes me feel physically sick how much I love him. He doesn't dislike me, in fact when we talk we get on ok. But he's younger, and i think he might be getting annoyed by me. My friends think it's all a big laugh, but to me it's serious. What's worse is I'm meant to be mentoring his class twice a week. I feel terrible.

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  • so far I haven't figured out what's so terrible about this yet except for the typically sucky grammar of everyone posting comments. DUMBASSES.

  • your gay, or you have a botfriend. And are you 18 or older and this boy a minor? If so leave the minor alone, if not then he is game even if you are gay.

  • Gay? You are a bit too young to be experimenting with ANY thing like that. I support and love the gays, but wait until your older where there may be more people to support you better in your gayness.

  • You are young but this is a bad habit starting. "Love" has no meaning to you if you treat this person in this matter. You are immature and it experience. Think things through you could ruin your boyfriend (so-called) or yourself for many years. Lighten up & live!

  • great advice. cheers...

  • another boy? Is this more gayness?

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