Train toilet

On a long commute back home one friday evening, i got chatting to this guy on the train and it wasnt before long i noticed he was secretly taking photos of me, i confronted him, he got all embarrised and i trun to him and said, "you want me? meet me i. the toilet in two minites), the train was deserted and he follow me straight away, we entered the toilet and began snoggin, touching and minite later f******, no condoms just raw filthy s**, i noticed he had a wedding ring on and i too have a boyfriend, because of the danger facter i finished pretty quick but as he was doing me from behind, his movement changed and i turned around and sucked his d*** till he came in my mouth, after he went to another carrage and me back to where i was sat. very satifyed!

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  • I f***** a busty young s*** on the train, between Birmingham New St and Wolverhampton was that you ?

  • Very sexy. VERY sexy. Wish you were my wife.

  • If a man did this, he would not be labeled a s***, but a stud!

  • Exactly!!

  • Exactly I'm a mature bust single woman 40yrs oldand when I feel like a f*** I go out and get one. I have been labeled a s*** but I enjoy f****** strangers

  • Trains are great for those things. Two weeks ago, I was on train home from the city, late-day, when the conductor announced a delay, then, reverse to let another train cross. I end up chatting with a hot, young college student across from me (whom I'd eyed up, in her shorts and loose t-shirt several times along the way), about the stop, what's going on, etc. She had earbuds in, so didn't hear the announcement.

    We're chatting, and she moves over to me "to hear better", and I'm looking at her like a wolf. She was on her phone, then said bf couldn't pick her up, since we'd be later getting back. I asked where she was getting off, and, was same stop as me. My brain immediately said "she's going with you". I offer her a ride, and she accepts with a sly, sexy smile, putting her red-nailed fingers on my arm.

    "You're so sweet" she said. "Cute, too". We continue chatting, shifting from co-passengers to soon to be s** partners. Get to our stop, and before we even hit my car, she lays a full, deep liplock to my lips, saying you know what's next, right? I need to pay you for taking me home.

    Get to her small apartment..Tiny, but well-kept, and we go at it, having s** in her bedroom and on the living room futon (hate those things, but made an exception). Young college girls are fit, wild, and lover older guys. I took her both ways, front and back.

    Finally leave, and I ask..How old are you? She was 19.

  • I am 19 too, i commute on a internship so i always have to dress smart, but doesnt mean i cant make it sexy smart

  • I do a similar thing, I busty 38dd. I put on a see-through white top and no bra, short skirt and stockings and suspenders, with a tight jacket. In the evening I get the train to Birmingham and if I spot a man I like I sit close to them and open my jacket so they can see my t***, I often pretend to fall asleep. It doesn't work all the time but often the guy will feel my t***, it feels so good. Then I take then to the toilet to get f***, and suck their c****. Then go to meet my mates for a night drinking and do the same on the way home.

  • I've felt a few, but only if they're actually asleep or drunk they don't notice. Took train back from the city one night after a huge music festival (I didn't go, but the train was packed with drunkards from it), and felt up a young, hot brunette next to me at least 4 times. Figured she'd say something, but, nope. She either didn't know, or, liked it.

  • Ok weirdo, that sexual assault, do that to me and id cut your d*** off

  • What are you idiots talking about, leave the girl alone, she had a good time like a normal girl should. My late wife occasionally f***** other men on a night out. I accepted that and loved her dearly. How dare you judge a young woman with you narrow minded crap

  • Thank you babe, i can stand up formyself but always welcome someone to backmeup

  • Your welcome darling x

  • See its men like you that meet woman like me on trains lol

  • Id love to meet you darling but 60yr old men do not usually attract hot young women like you. I paid a prostitute to recreate your encounter. It was very enjoyable thought

  • You are a slit w**** and embarrassment to decent women, I will pray for your soul

  • Pray away at least if im going to h*** i will do it with a smile and enjoy myself

  • I agree with you, may as well be a prostitute, f****** w**** b****

  • Yeah houd prob be lining up first with fist full cash! p****!

  • Yes I also agree but I am a lesbian

  • Well that makes no f***** sence

  • I will pray for you as well, you abomination

  • B**** please....

  • What a journey home, never met anyone like you on my train home. It would be a dream come true

  • Hehe well im sure im not not the only one, next time you see the quiet girl sitting opersite reading her book, just remember you never know what shes thinking...

  • What train journey were you using?

  • What? out of anything you want to know? you want to know that?

  • Well if we use the same line, I may be lucky enough to bump into you, literally lol

  • You never know, look out for me, blonde, glasses and tunic and always wear some sort heels, keep your eye out lol

  • Ok what I really want, is to f*** you, or if you have f***** the 60yr old who replied to you

  • Haha yea i know u would, and no sorry i havent f***** the 60yo who replied to me, it takes a little more than just a reply on a website for me to let a guy stick his c*** inside me! i may be a s***, but im not a s****!

  • Never called you a slit or a s****. You just sound like a very sexy woman who may have helped the old bloke out, which would be very sexy indeed

  • But i like to b called a s***....well when i have a mans hard d*** in me i do

  • Ok slit get your knickers off, I want to stick my fat c*** up your smelly s*** c*** and c** on you big slit t***, them you will suck my c*** clean and lick my s**** off you fat t***.

  • Bet your fat and ugly and the bloke was p*****, that's why he f***** your smelly cheap c*** and went ho.e and gave his wife an std

  • No im not fat!! im size 10 and he was not p*****, he was smart young and sexy, like i said in a suit so obviously a professional! and you must be a very sad fustrated little man! whos bitter and twisted because noone would give you the time of day with your attitude. what turned me on the most about him was his attitude and how charming he was, plus he knew how to f*** a woman! you prob dont!

  • I think she is probably gorgeous, just a sexy h**** girl who likes to f***. I'm 60 and met many girls and women like this. They are fun people and should not be abused. Good luck to yo girl, I had another w*** this morning thinking of you x

  • Awww thanks sweetie, your not far wrong at all! glad you enjoyed hearing about it and glad u enjoyed your w*** over me xxx

  • S***, i wish the chicks at my work were as fun and kinky as u

  • We didnt know each other

  • I know, but its hard to find women like you who just up and say "you want me?"

  • Haha yea think my animal instinces kicked in, was so h****

  • Fully clothes s**? what were u both wearing?

  • He was in full suit, he f***** me through his flys in his trousers, me i was in tunic black trousers with high waist band and heels

  • What type of heels?

  • Best to describe them would be black patent leather office stilletos really

  • Sounds very sexy, I will have to have another w***

  • You do that, fyi my tunic was open and my b****** out, with my trousers round my knees as he did me from behind

  • I bet you have gorgeous b****** and p****, I'd love to suck and lick them

  • 36DD and i love them being licked

  • Yummy wish I was younger, you are my kind of woman. My late wife was similar to you, she occasionally would f*** a stranger on a night out, she always told me and we would f*** like crazy.

  • I payed a a prostitute last night, to recreate tour adventure. It's the. 1st time I have f***** another woman since my wife passed away, two years ago. She was 25 busty and very sexy. Best £100 I have spent in a long time

  • What was the prosititute wearing?

  • Haha glad i inspired you to forfill the fantasy, thinking about it now i could made 100quid, whoops

  • You still could and I'm sure you would be with every penny and a good meal after x

  • I have enjoyed wanking for you

  • What a s***, I'm in love

  • An insult and a compliment? confussed

  • Only joking darling, you are sexy and made a 60yr old man have a w*** imagining you f****** in a train toilet

  • Thats hot, do you wish it was you?

  • Oh yes

  • Sorry I don't mess with kids.

  • Well that wasnt me but took worsa outa my mouth

  • Can u help me loose my virginity please

  • Er no

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