It's just hard

My stepdaughter has never allowed me to get close. It is hurtful because I've really tried with her, been nice to her, bought her stuff, taken her to her boyfriends when her dad was too tired....cooked her favourite food, I just don't get it. She lived with us for two years and I don't feel that I know her any better now than I did when she was seven years old and her dad and I met. It's just plain sad

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  • Keep doing what you're doing. It will pay off. She appreciates it, you know she does. I agree with the comment below that she may feel that if she acknowledges it, it may feel like going against her own mom. And also some kids are really expressive and others are not. It may help to know exactly what kind of reaction do you want from her? a Thank you? a Hug?

  • A child's' loyalty will always be with their real parents - however, she may care about you but feel guilty about showing it.

    I was not happy about my stepdad when my mom met him - I was 13 maybe. I kept up a wall of sorts - don't know why.

    He passed away last year and I still cry about it.

    Things I wish I could of told him:

    You taught me work ethic
    You taught me how to NOT complain
    You taught me to hold my head high
    You always had a smile for everyone no matter what your circumstance!
    I love you and Thank You!

    Trust me, just give it some time - she's a teenager, they don't like anybody!

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