Ex girlfriend blackmailing me with pics

So my broke up with me recently, long story short she was messing about with other guys as our s** life sucked and it was clear we had no future. Fast forward a month when I was seeing another girl and they got in a argument about my ex still needing me for things like DIY etc. My ex got p***** off and told me if I don't end it with the new girl, she'll share the pics she has of me, most of them naked, some with boners, some with my shrivelled soft 2 inch c*** (I'm a grower not a shower) and she'll tell everyone I know that's that's pretty much all I have between my legs. So I did as she said.

Now it has continued, I buy her jewellery, do all her things around her house, she makes me eat her p**** but never f*** her. The latest thing is picking her up after 1 night stands! But last night it got worse, she made me strip in front of the guy she had just f***** to compare d****, she made me hold his huge d*** and compliment him on it. WTF??!!? I don't know what will happen next?!!!!

Should I just chance it and refuse to help her and see if she does reveal the pics? Or just keep giving in to her demands?? I know she has shown one of her friends and she teased me instantly. What should I do??

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  • The answer her is obvious. You like it. You like being dominated, humiliated and used. Think about it, to prevent her from showing pictures of you naked you allowed her to take pictures of you sucking a c**k. You can tell yourself that you were "made" to do these things while secretly looking forward to the day when she makes you the center of a 5 or 6 guy g******* where you will have "no choice" but to do as your told. Face it my slutty friend, this is what you want or it wouldn't be happening.

  • This has made me think a lot, I do like the humiliation I suppose, the forced s** acts. I left the laptop open on this page for my ex to see, she arranged a 4 guy g******* for her and me. I swollen so much c**, my ass was stretched, my throat was sore, I was humiliated to another level, especially when I randomly started ejavulating while sucking a c***. The best bit was my ex was abused far beyond she was expecting. I ended up with pics of her with 4 c**** inside her body. She was virtually in tears and then the guys held her down and "made" me f*** her. Me and her now have a bit more of a mutual femdom relationship.

  • Thanks for the advice. Things have got weirder. She claims she has pics of when she tied me up, which look like she is about to f*** my ass even though she didn't. I know what she's like, she has shown another friend. A guy this time, and to stop anyone else finding out, I ended up sucking his d***! He even came in my mouth, I choked, the laughed and he kept his d*** in until I swallowed if all. I was fully humiliated, I'm not ashamed to say I had tears. But what made it worse was I got an erection and they found it great! Hilarious! I've sucked him off three times this week and my f****** ex took photos! This has gotten out of hand!

  • Buddy just remove yourself from her. Buh-bye!

  • Just let her. don't be afraid of what she gonna do. be a f****** man, be an a****** than her.

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