Fed Up

I am fed up with my wife. after twenty years of marriage I simply can not stand her. She has no concept of internal dialog, and expects me to listen and care about everything she says. She has no capacity for silence, she simply can't shut the h*** up. She talks for two hours straight and then asks why I don't talk to her. She has no interest in what I have to say. She has been an anchor on my life. She has gotten us evicted more than once from our home by not paying rent. She takes the money and says she is, but then out we go. She has destroyed my credit. She has stolen from just about everyone in my family at some point. She is self centered, and self important. She lies to me as easily as she breathes. Why don't I leave her. Can't afford a divorce. She also can't function in the real world with out me. I care to a degree, but love left a long time ago. I wait for death to take one of us, doesn't matter which of us, but sooner would be better than later.

Apr 29, 2016

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  • You should leave her. get some nice chick who really deserves you or needs you, find a girl who always misses out on the man and jobs etc and she will love you more then all the other t*** s**** around. yes she might have a sadsack story to tell but she will value you and your time and love more then all the others.

  • Sorry to tell you but you're making excuses to continue enabling her irresponsible behavior. Divorces are cheap. Why haven't you moved on long ago?

  • Drag her to counseling now! If that doesn't work , then pack your stuff and leave separate until you can afford a divorce. At least you can have peace of mind.

  • ......sometimes...............a b**** just need a beating.....

  • No one deserves a beating - there's too much domestic violence already in the USA.

  • Very difficult situation. But it also sounds like you're not dealing with a fully functioning person. Everything you described, It sounds like she has a mental illness - maybe bipolar? a little narcissistic? You don't say how old you are, but it could even be early onset dementia. Not saying that it takes away from how you feel about her. But wondering if a diagnosis and proper therapy could help her which in turn could help the both of you. The whole unable to stay silent, wondering if she hears voices. Some people with bipolar do experience hallucinations or hear voices. She may be talking to stop the chatter. The no interest - self absorbed/self centered/uncompromising - all behaviors of bipolar. She also may be interested but can't communicate this. She doesn't process information the same way. Sorry, you're unhappy. All you can do is try to find things that make you happy in light of what's happening in your marriage.

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