Perception and diversity issues?

A woman said to me I am all over the place doing this and that. and I thought well don't you, your off here and there dropping kids off to school running meetings and social and bookings and you have to find out their addresses too! and what, don't school kids do a variety of subjects per day they don't just sit and do 2 years of maths and then 3 years of science only. I had to do 7 or 9 subjects at high school and go from room to room, I had about 3 or 4 subjects a semester at university and I had to talk about a variety of topics and take interest. I don't mean to be controlled or controlling just to help out and have a specific role and if the other woman would contacted me so we can talk more. I don't even know if she has a committee for this event or wants us to join and do more, I don't know if she got bad news about her health. I seen a girl I knew the other day hovering around and I thought "is there a point in welcoming that in my life again the group of downers" sure I liked some of them and I do care but would she have booked an appointment with me for a makeover anyway? and I don't want to go to her house anyway, and drag up old hurts, does DMMB care about me at all? my feelings? when he has all those b****** to push him around. I do love him I could dream a life for us, logically however do I stand a chance with him and his social status in medical career? when they seen me as a bucket of vomit! yeh, I say the wrong thing, I speak too much, or not enough. I am at odds with people and confused by their confusion and I know what I want. I don't need a car when I could do with a chauffeur and some good TLC pampering myself. I am happy to get some work at the villages and through groups? if I could just land that fluken job with that fluken prestige company and land the job and boss of my dreams! wouldn't it be nice to be picked up every day for work in a chauffeur driven elite car and treated right and enough money and time to afford a massage everyday and all I had to do was look glamours for cameras and go to one event to the next shaking hands and smiling and feeling pretty for a change with a man of distinction and handsome style by my side. wouldn't it be great to lose weight and feel beautiful and have good health and I was never judged by what I am not but what I am! what I am doing and what ideas I have helped businesses and not be UNTOLD OR UNSUNG> but be appreciated and indulged like a princess for a change. I need a husband to pamper me who is everything I have wanted. I will be choosy because I was not beforehand and I should have been more street wise but I was not guided well and held back so much. oh yeh so that is how you saw it? denice was not even there that night ? who am I talking to today sa!s I hate people who confuse you trying to make out you talk too much and talk about too many topics when they are doing the thing they are accusing you of. she has been sucking into my goals and dreams. yeh I could walk away from guys and chase a new one I guess, but my money is on H or blue. or Dr which ever comes my way first is in best with me! I am a bundle of confusion and they are a void of sales junk. stop confusing me with your games. I thought i was getting better gradually til you bought me down again today. i never asked you to ring but I would prefer you do call its better over the phone and face to face in the same room.

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