lonly, depressed

i am at my wits end. i have a pretty bad felony and no one will hire. i am about to do something just to make some money any way i know. please someone help me

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Could you go to work working for yourself? Lawn mowing?

  • hey! don't be making fun of p***! it's done more for me than any god has.

  • Jokers like you, Arrrg are a dime a dozen and not worth the dime. Pauls letters date in the early 50's and all but John was penned before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. John was written before 90 AD which is still in living memeory of the events if teh Evangelist was about the age of Christ when He was crucified.

    Are you that stupid, Arrrg to assume the Disciples didn't have help in writting the Gospels and if they did it discounts their authenticity?

    Why do you mock what you do not understand? It is one thing to choose not to believe it, but to mock it only shows how shallow you are. Go back to your p***.

  • Now that's just sad. When you said proof, I thought you really might have had something.
    I can see I'm talking to somebody who isn't playing with a full deck, if you think the gospels are eye witness accounts.

    The earliest known manuscripts are not signed.
    Wait..... you really thought Mark, Matthew, Luke and John actually WROTE them? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Mark", the oldest of the four, was written about 70 years after the events it describes. The others were written up to 80 years after that.
    Again, NOBODY knows who wrote them.

    You don't know very much about what you believe in, do you?
    Do some homework before you even try next time. Dumbass!

  • Your moral compass? You go off tangent. Why get your panties in a bunch because I offered a sincere prayer to someone who is in need. Can you offere anything else to the OP except scorn for my prayer?

    Moments of grace often come in low times, not good times, they are just more apparent when times are good. Does your moral compass accept on-demand abortion? If so I'd say your compass is as confused as those marching to war in efforts to free the ME of Islmaic radicals in the name of Christianity.

    Proof is the Gospels as they are eye-witness accounts o fthe events. Do you accept other 1st century texts but not these because of your bias?

  • Also... please don't try to say that I implied I was a perfect person and then call me a liar for it. That's not very moral, is it?
    I haven't implied anywhere that I thought I was perfect.

    But, since you brought it up... my moral compass seems to be a lot truer than yours.
    I've never been in a situation that would cause me to be arrested.

  • Okaaaayy..... those "moments of grace" you speak of are simply when your life is going along as you want it to, but now that you actually said PROOF of god, you're going to have to show something verifiable.

    What you've offered in your little story isn't even close to irrefutable evidence. Please try again.
    If there was indeed "no way the cop could have missed it", then he would have found it. Wouldn't he? What type of shoes were they? How big was the cops hand? How long were his fingers? Did your shoes have an insole in them? How big was the vial?
    Like I said, far from irrefutable.

    Now, as to your "proof of god", please provide something... anything... that PROVES the existance of your imaginary friend.
    I'm sure our Pastafarian friend can provide equal evidence that the Flying Spaghetti Monster can peform the same "miracles".

    Let me hear you say RAmen!

  • God is not the point.This man in need is.
    I just got out after a 7 year state prision sentence.So I'm in the boat with you.Things have gotten better for me.It just takes time and will power.

  • What's with making fun of us Pastafarians? What's "less than honorable" about a benevolent wish to a fellow human, even if they aren't a fellow pirate or follower of the FSM? I will say three Alfredos for you.

  • #3 here,
    The OP and others just happen to get caught at things but to suggest you are a perfect person, citizen, friend, spouse...is a lie because there is no such thing. Despite my own failings and because of them is my testament to my prayers being answered because I am alive, happy, and healthy when in reality I have no right to be by any measure.

    We all have moments of grace and proof of God, and can see them if we look, but some, as I suspect you are, refuse to see or acknowledge them. One actual event I will say about...giving only the relevent instance w/o the background:

    when the police officer put his hand in my one shoe (I was 17 & barefoot) searching for the drugs he knew was there I asked God for him not to find it because it would really upset my mom- I was not worried about my dad or punishment, but my moms respect. He withdrew his hand empty. When he picked up the other shoe to search I promised never to do LSD again if I could spare my mom this particular knowledge of a drug she had pleaded with me not to do. He put his hand fully in and came out empty. I was right next to him as he did this and saw he put my shoes back in the car trunk before he took me and my friends to jail for the night. In the morning when my friends parents drove 6 hours to get us out of jail (mine told the cops I could stay in jail as she was not driving to New Jersey in the middle of the night to get me out of jail again...she is so funny..tough love) my friend opend the trunk so I could get my shoes. As soon as I picked it up, out rolled the vile the acid was in. There is no way the cop missed it. I saw his hand go in my shoes to the wrist and it rolled out loose the next morning. Explain it away as you like but I explain it as exactly what I had asked for.

  • Umm... #3?
    We are not all guilty of whatever "transgressions" your preacher reads to you from a book of fairy tales.
    Claiming that you can personally attest to any intercession is a load of crap. You put it out there... now prove it. What irrefutable evidence do you have that any prayer was answered?

    "Arrgh" (LOL) has a better chance of having his prayers answered than you do.

    Waiting for your reply.

  • Dear Arrgh,
    It seems your intentions are less than honorable so no meatballs for you today.

  • Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster,

    Please find it in your all-knowing goodness to extend a helping noodly appendage to this poor soul in need. Yea, thy meatballs are divine and thy sauce like manna from on high. My plate runneth over. Arrgh.

  • I will say a prayer for you. It is all I can think of at the moment:

    Dear Blessed Virgin Mary,
    When you asked your Son to interceed on behalf of the wedding guests He listened to your prayer. Ever faithfull Mother, please ask your Son to give comfort and assistance to the OP and all who are finding themselves in employment difficulty due to transgressions we all are guilty of though they have been publicly judged by society. The glory of God is always realized when you interceed on our behalf as I can attest to personally. I humbly ask that any who pray this prayer with us who have honorable intentions be granted what they seek without delay. Amen

  • My boyfriend is also having trouble finding employment after being released from jail. He has an aggravated robbery charge and can't even get hired at McDonald's.

  • Get a solo gig doing work for cash, like dog-walking or putting up flyers. It doesn't pay great but after you've been at it for a while you can prove yourself to an employer. Plus you'll probably make some good contacts in the meantime. I work F/T but still "moonlight" as a pet sitter and it pays my car insurance and gives me some pocket $.

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