My first time cheating

So some background first I am 22, and I'm from a small town in the Midwest. I have always been very conservative. Although I will dress slutty sometimes. I have been told I am hot. I have a very athletic build and large c cups, and a huge ass. My boyfriend has told me he would be fine with me having s** with someone other then him but I never found the idea appealing at all. He always said as long as he knew about it beforehand it would be hot.

Well my opinion on cheating changed drastically last year. I went to Chicago for a nursing conference for a week. The first day there I went down to swim laps because I'm very active. I was in a bikini. After I got done swimming I went to the hot tub to relax some. And a very handsome black man got in with me. I generally don't find most black men appealing but he was fit and looked amazing. He sat next to me and we talked for awhile he was there for the conference as well. He offered me a drink I took it and we sat and talked for a long time and had some drinks. He ran out of beer so he said hey I have more in my room if you wanted to come up. I said sure why not. So I walked up to his room in my swim suit. When we got in the elevator he grabbed my hand as more people got in so I wouldn't get pushed away from him he said but it felt good holding his hand. When we got off the elevator and. To his room he gave me another beer and I started drinking went to sit down on his bed and realized I was wet from pool so I said I need to change in the bathroom so I went in was already naked when I realized I didn't have clothes so I put a towel on and walked out he was sitting in the bed under the covers and lifted them for me to sit next to him so without thinking I did. We sat and talked for awhile he eventually put his hand on my thigh almost as if by accident I knew I should move his hand but the contact made me wet and I was from that point on under his spell. He slowly slid his hand up my thigh till he got to my slit. He slowly rubbed me as he leaned over and kissed me. After awhile I reached for his lap to find he was naked under the blankets. I stroked his d*** and it was massive atleast 11" bigger then anything I had ever seen. After awhile he pulled me down the bed and he got on top of me and kissed me. He put his c*** right up against my dripping wet p**** and I said I don't think i can take you in he said you can just relax I will go slow and he did he slipped in into me slowly. It was so long and so thick that I was shocked when it went in and when instead of pain I felt pure pleasure. He picked the pace up and he f***** me for hours while he was on top after he finally came in me. I realized my phone was ringing. It was my boyfriend I told him and I went to the bathroom to answer it. I talked with my boyfriend for about 5 mins and I thought about telling him but couldn't bring myself to. So as I told him I loved him I had another mans c** deep inside of me and I was planning to have more added that night. If you want more from that week let me know in the comments. That was the start of my cheating and I cheat all the time now and have never told my now fiancé about any of it. Not even when I had s** with his friends.

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  • You are ad dickted to s**.
    OR at least some aspect of this behavior, whether it is the s** or the idea of getting away with something you should not be doing, or another feeling that is so compelling to you, whatever it is is something that will eventually diminish and fade away leaving you to wonder what the f*** you found so alluring about this behavior.

  • Have you ever talked to your man while getting banged by some other dude ?

  • I would love to chat with you about it

  • Also if anyone had questions or wanted to chat I could maybe go for that ;)

  • I want to chat!

  • I wanna know more from that week!!! :)

  • Maybe I will post later tonight about the rest of that week and maybe beyond that. I now cheat all the time so lots of stories to share.

  • Ooooh, I look forward to seeing them!! :)

  • Well reading, haha.

  • Lived in Minneapolis,Minnesota for much of the 80s/90s working and attending both undergraduate and graduate school. I met many fine white women there who loved black men. I am told that there is now a huge population of bi-racial grown folks there and some big towns in Iowa. I just so loved reading your erotic story. Hope you post more about your escapades in Chicago that week.

  • Do you ever make it back to the Midwest? If so and would like to meet a woman that loves all types of lovers I would like to hear more about your time here. ;)

  • Whats the most men youve f***** at once while cheating?

  • I've had 3 at once. Or more honestly 2 and then a third guy got on after they were done.

  • What did they do to you?

  • Iowa

  • That sounds hot where in the Midwest are you?

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