Step daugther acting weird

Last summer in 2015 I had the pleasure of taking my stepdaugther who was almost 13 shopping for a swimsuit, with out saying to much about situation, her real dad would come up and see her every other weekend. The last time he showed up he had taken her swimming and lost her swim suit at the pool near his and never replaced it.

So I decided to take my stepdaugther to a sports direct store and let her pick a new one, she was looking at these bikinis which I said was not really appropriate for a swimming pool and the sales assistant tried to get invoved with fitting her in some monstrous thing and when my step daugther tried on this bikini she liked the sales assistant blocked the door has to say sorry you cannot see how it looks on her... I told her so she could hear me to come out on to the shop floor so I may see.. and when she came out the sale assistant still blocking the chancing section(the old witch) was looking in disbelief and said it didn't look age appropriate.... (It was just a triangle black bikini) my stepdaugther said she liked it we paid for it and left for the pool.

anyone I don't swim much so I told her to get changed and I would wait for her in the overhead section which looks down on the pool, I was busy on my phone for ages and I didn't noticed she had been taking with some people in the pool.
These guys must have been 21 or older could not really tell from where I was sat, so I watched for awhile they were talking until they left and she continued swimming.

The pool was busy and I lost sight of her and I spend awhile looking for her in the 3 pools they had, so I and decided to go back downstairts to the changing rooms, now these changing rooms are family changing rooms and are unisex.

so I was walking down the passages which had changing rooms on both sides and saw her on the end she was just stood there with her phone in her hand outside these guys changing room she was laugthing these guys had just got changed and walked off in other direction.

I walked over to her and asked what she was doing she said she had enough and wanted to leave, I told her I could not find her and she said, she had been out of the pool for the last half hour or so when I asked her why she had not got changed she told me she had a long shower, I told her to get changed and I waited for her outside I highly doubt she showed because she smelt of chlorine and her towel was dry.

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  • I betting she had the time of her life in the boys changing room. If you don't have her on the pill. Hope you like being a grandpa

  • I'm sorry dude, you have got to learn how to write. It's very hard to read your post when it's poorly written. That being said, I have no clue what your talking about. Sorry you make no since at all.

  • *you're

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