I need advices

I want my girlfriend to agree to f*** other guys in front of me. How can i convince her?

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  • What's wrong, if you cant get a h****** go see a doctor

  • I have let my wife do it once and she loved it. I got her a little buzzed first the I told her that I'll be back because I gotta get more alcohol. I picked up 4 guys for her when I was at the store. My wife is 34 so I got her a 18 years old, a 33, a 51 years old and a 56. When I got into the hotel I told to wear a lingerie because I have a surprise for her. She came so many times,she didn't want to loose the opportunity so she had s** with everyone including the 2 old guys.

  • Well you can ask her. It will go either way. She will be for it, or deeply offended. I think she's a lucky girl, personally! My bf would never go for it! I honestly have two boyfriends right now and consider myself polyamorous. I used to have a female lover too! It's all done in secret because I don't want to hurt anyone. My nature is to be promiscuous but I've calmed down quite a bit. Are you into joining in with the other guy and her? Then she'd have to deal with you being bisexual too. I think that's hot but she may not. Is she conservative sexually? Ask yourself these questions before you finally ask her. Alcohol will help loosen her up to be more honest with you. I'm all for it! Good luck n take it slow..

  • Convince her? She'll either want to or she won't. And once you ask, she'll probably wonder why you would want her to sleep with anyone but you. Let's say she agrees to it. You should prepare yourself for the possible end to your relationship. Because what happens when she finds she likes these other guys better or they can satisfy her more than you ever could? Or she sleeps with this other guy (or guys) and you're not there.. it's not cheating then..you wanted it. So sometimes it's better to just keep fantasies..fantasies...

  • That's weird. .why do u want this?

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