Humiliated at a party

I recently was tackled down and sat on at a party with a number of my friends by another friend of mine. I was completely humiliated, I turned red, I had no chance of unseating her, she is heavier and more athletic. I could hear her friends encouraging her to make me tap out, my friends started to encourage me to get her off, like this was an actual fight. After I heard someone say look she is starting to cry, I started to smile to save face. I acted like my back was hurt, and my b**** friend got off me. The rest of the night everyone was making fun of me for getting my ass kicked during our unfair wrestling match. They were videoing the whole thing and it made it to you tube & Facebook. I am mortified and so embarrassed. I hate my friends they suck. I asked them to remove the video but haven't yet.

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