Am I dating a Momma's Boy?

My boyfriend lives with his mom and two brothers. His mom is in her early 60s, so he moved in with them in order to help support her. She is constantly asking him to do stuff for her, even the simplest things. She can't seem to organize anything or carry out errands on her own. I don't think it's about her being "helpless" since she still works, I think it's more about her being lonely and wanting attention. He has even admitted that she'll go to lengths to get attention (yelling when he's in the middle of a conversation).

It's the main thing that cuts into my time with him. If that isn't enough, when we finally do get time together, the majority of the conversation is about her. "My mom did this... my mom did that... I love my mom..."

We've been dating for a long time and it's starting to get to me. That's selfish, but I really would like some time with him where we can focus on us. I even told him and he was in denial, saying it's going to be a huge problem if I don't like her. It's not that I don't like her, but I do resent her a bit for "Stealing" our time together and the way he acts makes me wonder if this is how it will always be. It's to the point where I'm like, "You two might as well be in a relationship, because that's where all your time and energy goes." I wouldn't be surprised if they were f******...

May 8, 2016

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  • Look, many broads practice the same itinerary & their manfriend will always be last in priority. Yes, that is indeed where all the energy goes & it isn't ever going to change, believe me. She is your competition and If they are very close, you may be correct in presuming she is taking care of his sexual desires & needs. You don't mention if this man ever took you to bed so I doubt you send him any serious signals at all.

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