The second worst thing I've done

The second worst thing I ever did occurred when I was living with my ex (let's call her Joanne), we shared the house with housemates. These were mainly friends of ours. One of them, let's call her Sandra, was my Ex's best friend's girlfriend.

Sandra was a curvaceous red head, she fought regularly with her boyfriend over perth things. I also fought with Joanne about petty things, one night (my 21st) we were both mad at our respective partners. My friends were off having an orgy (story for another day), which led Joanne to be quite mad that this was happening in our house etc. however as it was my party I didn't really care and just wanted to have fun. Sandra was on the same page, we were outside in a big circle and what started our as a friendly group hug led to some was groping, which led to a hand job.
How the others in the group didn't notice what was going on, I don't know. I've left it up to it being really dark etc. Anyway a few days passed and Sandra and I were the only ones awake and watching tv, things escalated, to an oral component of you know what I mean.
Before I knew it we were f****** whenever people weren't looking, literally not looking. A few cheeky gropes while in the presence of partners led to eventually f****** in the same bed as my ex.
It wasn't good s**, all very subtle but incredibly exhilarating.
That was the second worst thing I ever did. The worst was when only a month later I was at a pool party with Joanne and her new friends, things escalated and everyone was nude. I was in the pool with one of her friends, it's dark, we are naked, I "slip". Which means there I am f****** another girl, in front of my girlfriend. I still struggle to understand how this all happened.

May 10, 2016

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  • I've met many pitiful strugglers over the years. Look, it's called liberalism ; the perverted mental disease too many are critically ill with and most take it to their grave.

  • The biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals are mentally equipped to handle ambiguity. (Ask an adult to explain big words like that to you, sweetie) OTOH, if the world is not neatly arranged in stark black and white, your average conservative doesn't know whether to sneer in third-grade-level triumph or snivel like a toddler. And those are the only two gears they have. Prove otherwise. You've got yardage to make up for already, just from this one comment.

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