I hate posh people

Whenever you turn to me and use that look like you think I am some, uneducated hik from the sticks I want to punh as hard as I possibly can in your perfect little face you uppity little f****** west-end c***.

Just because I come from east-end, DOESN'T MEAN I'M A F****** DRUG DEALER FROM THE STREET. I get better marks than you in school tests and the teachers actually like me because I'm not some stuck-up little twot who is too posh for everyone else.

F*** you Gabriel.



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  • People love to squawk and cry about sexism and racism. When it classism going to start getting the hate-exposure it deserves? (Lol, even my autocorrect doesn't recognize the word. That's how "under the carpet" it is. Fabulous!)

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