My girlfriend is a s***. Which I like. But she takes it too far sometimes. We hiked to the top of an inactive volcano in Costa Rica on our vacation recently. We didn't see anyone for hours. When we got to the top we went skinny dipping in the lake. Not long after a group of local teenage guys had appeared on the edge near where we had left our stuff. I was embarrassed to get out but she couldn't wait to wade out of the water flaunting her naked body. They started at bee without even pretending that they weren't looking. She put her clothes back on but not without bending over a lot first to show off her ass and p****. When I told her she need to be more careful she told me it makes her wet and that she likes knowing that she gets guys hard and that they fantasize about f****** her.

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  • You two girls are damn lucky you didn't get gang raped.

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