My resentment has grown to pure hatred...

For my boyfriend... Every time we speak now there's tension, especially when there is silence from me not saying anything. Before, I would act cute, cheer him on, stay in my lane. Now? It's as if I couldn't care less. I say whatever I want, in a darker toned voice. I'm not sure if he notices the iceberg between us or not. It seems to make me more desirable since he's suddenly putting in effort he'd never put in before. It may be too late though and the damage has been done. My heart has closed shop. The only reason I'm staying in is because of the plans we've made in 2 weeks. But the feeling is more heavy than lighthearted. I can't help but wonder how it came to this or if I can't get past this.

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  • I'm sure he hates u 2 u sound like a stupid b****

  • What plans in 2 weeks could possibly be worth sticking around with someone you hate? You should end it if you really feel there's no reconciliation possible.

  • Jesus, quit your relationship already. Why do you feel the need to stick around and engage in passive aggressive meanness ? He probably realises you are acting sulky so is putting effort in to cheer you up. But if you feel that way just end. Don't go on with some sick torture of wanting to be recognised for how much of a b**** you're being. End it. Move on.

  • I was being passive aggressive because anytime I was direct he'd shutdown emotionally, so at the time I felt as though I didn't have a choice. "Acting sulky" "b****" Wow. Suppressing emotions will do that to you, kid. Clearly I was questioning WHY it was that way and venting. A******.

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