Husband wanted to know

So when it's about bedtime my husband and I lay in bed naked. We have always said we will sleep naked. It often leads to s**. I happen to be in a relationship where I want s** more than my husband does.

Well I was laying in bed naked and playing with my p****. Not necessarily masturbating but just keeping my c*** hard and keeping myself h****. He asked me if I had any fantasies. I told him of course I did. He asked what one was. I made sure I asked if he really wanted to know. He said yes. I told him I wanted a threesome. He said, "Two guys or another girl?" I said, "Oh I wouldn't say no to another girl in a threesome but I'd like two guys more." He said, "Really? Got someone else in mind?" I said, "Nobody specific no but I'd want two guys well hung. Like 10 inches or longer." He said, "Damn. So I wouldn't even be in the picture." I said, "Sorry but you wanted to know." (He isn't hung at all. He's 5 inches hard.) He doesn't know that I've had s** with a couple guys since we have been married.

So I responded, "Ok so tell me a fantasy that you have." He said, "You really wanna know?" I said, "Yes of course." He said, "I kinda want to get f***** in the ass." I said, "Oh wow. Nice. I didn't know you were into men." He said, "Well, I don't find men particularly attractive. I don't see a guy and think he's hot. But I'd at least like to try being f*****. By a guy and by you with a strap on."

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  • I have an 8in fat c*** and would love to f*** you as your wife wayched

  • A real flaming Fa* wow sorry about that. Wish you could have a real man for a husband, guess that is the reason you would like a threesome so you can get a real man.

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