best friend is a traitor

my best friend casually told me that she spent a day with my former employer and his girlfriend hanging out at a vineyard. this employer totally ripped me off, he screwed me on taxes because he incorrectly classified my employee type and he withheld my last 2 weeks of pay. I am still trying to get my owed pay. I'm really ** that she would hang out with someone that treated me so badly... it wasn't a group situation, it was just her and her own bf and the former employer and his gf. in the past she's occasionally been negative and insecure,but has never done anything like this...i think I should be angry and I am considering cutting her off despite our 5 year friendship.... am I right?

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  • confessor here: I wasn't sure if I was overreacting or not hence the post. I would never tell her to not hang out with someone I disliked. however, if someone stole from her and treated her badly I wouldn't want to be around that person. also, before this she always talked about what a piece of human refuse this guy is.

  • ^^^ is right... who the ** are you to tell people who they should hang with? You can tell your friend you hate him, and the reasons but its their decision to make.

    Maybe you hang with people your best friend hates...

  • I think you sound a bit too controlling. Just because you have an issue with someone doesn't mean your friend has to follow what you think/say like some little puppy. She has her own life and feelings, you have yours. This sounds like highschool ** anyway. You don't like him, therefore, a REAL friend shouldn't like him either. . .wtf?

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