Aunty Punishment

Once my mum and dad went away and they couldn't get a babysitter so my aunt came and looked after me and she was strick and I swear a lot and she hates swearing and she caught me swearing and said that she was going to punish me and she made me stand there in my underwear and she sad Gary you've been a very naughty boy and she and said "get over my knee now" and I must not have been fast enough and she turned me around and slapped my my ass and wedged me and she pulled he over her knee while I still had a wedgie and spanked me then she stood up and said I have a natural wedgie and made me pick it for her and after a spanking she made me
stand in the corner in a GIRLS THONG and that's when my hot 18 cousin came in saw me and when my aunt went she wedgied and spanked me

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  • I'm sorry! No one care!

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