This happened when I was twelve and now I'm sixtynine

My cousin was visiting when while on the street in front of my house he saw a stick and picked it up. My next door neighbor who I couldn't stand got p***** because he said it was his stick. He went over to my cousin like a belligerent a****** and had I not been there he would have attacked my cousin simply because he picked up a damn stick off of the street.

I got the stick and told him to f*** off or I would beat the s*** out of him and he being smaller and younger than I was backed off looking scared.

I took his stick into my parents garage and cut it into four pieces and tossed the pieces in his front yard.

My father got home tired from working as a pipeline engineer manager and started drinking some Budweiser.

In the mean time the kid told his father what I had done and his short out of shape bald headed ass of a father came over and tried to complain about me destroying his sons precious stick which was nothing more than some piece of a tree or whatever the damn thing was.

My cousin and I stuck up for each other and told my father our side of the story. I told the punks father that had he told my cousin that the stick was his instead of challenging my cousin to a fight we would have given him the sorry piece of s*** thing.

My father told the dumpy man that our side of the story made more sense than his.

The ft guy must have had a death wish because when my father told him that he sided with us the j*** pushed him.

My much larger and more in shape father hit him on the side of his head. The man hit the cement on our patio and he hit his head hard.

His son was screaming and trying to help his father get up which after a few minutes he did. My father him to stay off of our property or that would be just a sample of what hed do next.

The shorter man was shaken and he limped back to his house being helped by his crying son. This was to me and my cousins gleeful laughter.

Many years pass and sitting here thinking about this makes me sad today. I mean every boy thinks his father is the world's toughest man and to see his father unable to walk without help much less fight back must have been a traumatic experience.

There isn't anything I can do about this now it being fifty-seven years later. Both men are long dead and the kids whereabouts is unknown.

I wish the situation had been resolved more peacefully.

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