I left my girlfriend of a few years for another girl

But not before cheating on both of them for a whole year on each other. I found it exciting when trying to hide who's who from each other but I managed to do it for a whole year.

Not long though I've grown bored of the first one and decided to break up with her and see what would happen (I was thinking how bad could it be.) Turns out it was more wrecking to her than I thought.

She was in utter shambles and hated me for being so deeply loving, supportive, quite attractive and practically everything a girl would/could look for to settle down with then suddenly leaving her.

I made her fall in love with me with every fake nook and cranny I tossed at her.

But I have to admit, I did like both of them, they are interesting people so maybe I thought I'd change. Hopefully with the girl I left her for. Maybe.

I'm pretty sure hearts are easily repaired.
But to take away something they held dear once so suddenly
is immensely satisfying.

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  • I don't get the impression from reading this that you're clever enough to pull off the player game. Please note, this isn't my problem but yours.

  • Many centuries ago, people thought the sun revolved around the earth. Then, they discovered it was the other way around. Eventually, and probably sooner than later, you will have that same experience. Good luck with that.

  • It's amazing you could be so deluded. That requires a lot of effort.

  • You're a douchebag. Here's what should happen to you. You actually fall really hard for one of these girls, one day. And you cheat and they break up with you. And you realize what you lost and can never get over the heartbreak. But even then you probably won't get it. Because the reason why you are able to do what you do without feeling anything is because you're either a narcissist or a sociopath.

  • Shes better off without you. She'll get over it but you'll be stuck with your low down sorry ass self forever. Karma's going to bite your ass hard one day.

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